• Muralee Kathiravelu
    Muralee Kathiravelu46 seconds ago


  • Speedy Gaming
    Speedy GamingMinute ago

    Dog? Golden etriver 100%

  • star Phoenix
    star PhoenixMinute ago

    Get a Corgi they are a lot of money but they are awesome and loving and they love to play

  • Brayden Birkholz
    Brayden BirkholzMinute ago

    Rottweilers are cute funny and freindly

  • Kevin Balderas
    Kevin Balderas2 minutes ago

    Your dogs name should be gloopie

  • j e r p i n
    j e r p i n2 minutes ago

    Get a teddy bear puppy 🐶

  • Gooshnab on a Morning stroll
    Gooshnab on a Morning stroll3 minutes ago

    Get a cockapoo for a dog

  • Takatsugu Motoki
    Takatsugu Motoki3 minutes ago

    This is amazing

  • Donutgrill Playz
    Donutgrill Playz3 minutes ago

    Golden retriever

  • JaydenShay2008
    JaydenShay20084 minutes ago

    Only if the 2nd pov touched the meteor we would have the old map XD

  • Linzapp123
    Linzapp1234 minutes ago

    For a dog I think you should get a cavapoo, very calm, don’t shed very play full

  • Dcb_gamer
    Dcb_gamer6 minutes ago

    A German shepherd is a really good dog for you

  • Vision Widow
    Vision Widow6 minutes ago

    Get a Siberian Husky they are beautiful funny and very caring

  • G2 Whittle
    G2 Whittle7 minutes ago

    4 your dog

  • G2 Whittle
    G2 Whittle7 minutes ago

    I suggest Theo

  • Mark Clark
    Mark Clark7 minutes ago

    get a pomeranian or a pug

  • Charlie
    Charlie7 minutes ago

    Australian Shepherd‘s are super cuddly and they’re very active and love to play and if you accidentally feed them too much they don’t over eat after about a month or so when you start really bonding they’ll sit under you and guard you as you’re doing stuff like playing video games

  • Charlie
    CharlieMinute ago

    They’re also strong and will Bark at intruders but will never bite and will stop barking if they sniffed the person before

  • Charlie
    Charlie6 minutes ago

    One of the smartest breeds and They’re easy to train

  • Dxv _due
    Dxv _due8 minutes ago

    Look at a husky

  • Arcade_1
    Arcade_18 minutes ago


  • Mr. Splatter Dude
    Mr. Splatter Dude8 minutes ago

    Try getting a Akita or a pug :)

    WESLEY BROOME9 minutes ago

    You should get a Maltese for your dog

  • Braxton Hendricks
    Braxton Hendricks10 minutes ago

    Get rainbow Rick and do rainbow load out

  • Jinxeed * 19 years ago. .
    Jinxeed * 19 years ago. .10 minutes ago

    Shiba inu dog Or pug

  • Harith Vokrri
    Harith Vokrri11 minutes ago

    Or like a small dog

  • Rebound
    Rebound11 minutes ago

    Fresh 37 elems not bad me 4 elems ima pro

  • Joseph Schweitzer
    Joseph Schweitzer12 minutes ago

    Your should get a pug for your dog

  • Harith Vokrri
    Harith Vokrri12 minutes ago

    Or a Malionis

  • Alec Konkola
    Alec Konkola12 minutes ago

    I recommend getting a French bull dog

  • Harith Vokrri
    Harith Vokrri12 minutes ago

    Buy a german or australian shefferd

  • Shawn Coburn
    Shawn Coburn13 minutes ago

    A Britny spaniel

  • thegermac
    thegermac15 minutes ago

    Staffy play full small energetic good with children extremely protective

  • Logholic
    Logholic16 minutes ago

    If you can look into getting a Maltese dog. When I had mine they where happy and mostly playful very cute dogs Rip Lily & Pedro ❤️

  • thegermac
    thegermac16 minutes ago

    Get staffy

  • Archie Walker
    Archie Walker17 minutes ago

    British bulldog hardley need any walking#

  • james mungai
    james mungai17 minutes ago

    you should get a pet samoyed dog

  • ved fri
    ved fri18 minutes ago

    you should get a goldendoodle they don't shed they r smart and they are pretty fun to play with

  • Kristy Charles
    Kristy Charles19 minutes ago


  • Our Prosopis Cineraria Life
    Our Prosopis Cineraria Life19 minutes ago

    Just get a syberian husky It's weird all right It screams sometimes for no reason at all

  • Μανος Φραγκακης
    Μανος Φραγκακης19 minutes ago

    It’s just getting worse and worse

  • Cranked
    Cranked20 minutes ago

    get a husck

    NOTRE DAME HYPE VIDEOS20 minutes ago

    Golden retriever

  • Manny Gonzales
    Manny Gonzales21 minute ago

    Plz cut your hair

  • Gabby Tomsic
    Gabby Tomsic21 minute ago


  • Valine Spurgeon
    Valine Spurgeon22 minutes ago


  • RNGRager
    RNGRager23 minutes ago

    choose a husky one of the best dogs

  • Chief Kwabena ASARE-KYEI
    Chief Kwabena ASARE-KYEI23 minutes ago

    I see kids here just saying some weird dogs just get a good all fashioned poodle lol

  • Rhys S
    Rhys S24 minutes ago

    Maybe a pomeroodle, they are a really fun cute energetic dog who love being pet.

  • legend Slayer
    legend Slayer24 minutes ago


  • Tomás Parada
    Tomás Parada25 minutes ago

    Get a Bullmastiff

  • Levi Jajo
    Levi Jajo25 minutes ago

    Silly dog get a Pug if u dont want a silly pet get a husky

  • saph saph 400
    saph saph 40025 minutes ago

    Apex Legends is my favorite game. I'm so happy you do this video!!!!!!!!

  • Ivan The Dinosaur
    Ivan The Dinosaur26 minutes ago

    The dog you need is a yorkshire terrier.Its small,funny,lazy,loves to snuggle and hates other animals. I hope you get one. -Ivan Dinov

  • Ben Wallace
    Ben Wallace27 minutes ago

    Dog name - pickles

  • Neil du Plessis
    Neil du Plessis27 minutes ago

    I have a scottish terier and it really is a great dog with a cool personallity...would defnitely reccomend

  • Lindsey Davila
    Lindsey Davila28 minutes ago


  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl28 minutes ago

    Chocolate Labrador they are very fun and silly :)

  • Adrian Aguilar
    Adrian Aguilar29 minutes ago

    Get a golden doodle they are cute and silly

  • Nathan Davey
    Nathan Davey29 minutes ago

    a border collie

  • maticolo2
    maticolo230 minutes ago

    Chihuahua is perfect dog for you

  • Antonio Paoli
    Antonio Paoli30 minutes ago

    Doberman Dog

  • Poipus VR
    Poipus VR31 minute ago

    Get a chihuahua they are really good lap dogs

  • Elliott Sampson
    Elliott Sampson31 minute ago

    Dog golden retriever

  • Ru Villegas
    Ru Villegas31 minute ago

    Get a red heeler

  • Amber Hester
    Amber Hester31 minute ago

    Get a pug they're small and cute and fun to play with

  • xxx._ilusions ._xxx
    xxx._ilusions ._xxx32 minutes ago

    german sheperd

  • Trace S
    Trace S32 minutes ago

    Rough collie

  • cusnrjcus
    cusnrjcus32 minutes ago

    You should get a goldenretriever there the best dogs ever

  • Dom on 60fps
    Dom on 60fps33 minutes ago

    Your dog name should be thick boy

  • Jeannie Judy
    Jeannie Judy34 minutes ago

    Padderdale terrier and pit bull mix

  • Cooper Kraemer-Plourde
    Cooper Kraemer-Plourde35 minutes ago

    U should get a puli breed dog they will match u really well

  • Electro
    Electro36 minutes ago

    Get a GOLDENDOODLE they are adorable and they listen extremely well and make for a fantastic companion

  • Arjun Sajiv
    Arjun Sajiv36 minutes ago

    Get a havanese pls

  • Jacob Mcmillan
    Jacob Mcmillan37 minutes ago

    Fresh get a black lab there are playful and chill

  • Luke Garretson
    Luke Garretson37 minutes ago

    They are very silly 😜

  • Luke Garretson
    Luke Garretson37 minutes ago

    Sheep dogs

  • Wolf lover
    Wolf lover42 minutes ago

    You should get a chocolate lab or a Wiener dog.

    VARDAAN G42 minutes ago

    I think a labradoodle is good for you because I have one but they are cute smart and they are gamers because the love to play and are extremely friendly like if you think fresh should get a labradoodle

    BATMAN43 minutes ago


  • tacticalsquid99
    tacticalsquid9944 minutes ago

    A husky they are so cut and loves every one

  • Cheavy Sang
    Cheavy Sang46 minutes ago

    French bull dog