EPIC BROKE FISHING! (overpowered)

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  • Žan Bevčič
    Žan Bevčič20 hours ago


  • Carla O'Brien
    Carla O'Brien15 days ago

    Lol your video are trash

  • Flower Geddes
    Flower Geddes27 days ago

    Your not good

  • Θανασης Μεντης
    Θανασης Μεντης27 days ago

    The gay that he killd in the first game was having a venteta floper

  • Jacob Whalen
    Jacob Whalen28 days ago

    In match 1 when there was 6 players besides fresh there was a car behind his car

  • xxx goldfish
    xxx goldfish29 days ago

    3:48 y’all didn’t see the midas fish

  • sl notsam
    sl notsamMonth ago


  • I_post_randomness
    I_post_randomnessMonth ago

    2:00 "did i just get a bean can grenade"

  • GamerZBoiZZ
    GamerZBoiZZMonth ago

    THIS CONTENT IS NOT GOLD ITS NOT DIAMOND ITS PLATINUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Savage_Pupsy _GG
    Savage_Pupsy _GGMonth ago

    3:50 why did fresh leave the frocking vendetta flopper, there where 2!!!!

  • Michael Vitone
    Michael VitoneMonth ago

    How ya doing chionk 9:09

  • Jaco Lego and Games
    Jaco Lego and GamesMonth ago

    You know you could make it so your only using fish and a harpoon to kill because fish do kill now

  • Super Grace
    Super GraceMonth ago

    Fresh: I can't see because of my dress. Me being girl :LOL

  • Liam Gonzalez
    Liam GonzalezMonth ago

    what in the world did you just get the vendeda flopper

  • Mick Polain
    Mick PolainMonth ago

    What does vendetta flopper do

  • Neil Patni
    Neil PatniMonth ago


  • Trey Morales
    Trey MoralesMonth ago

    There was a vendana floper when u kill that dude in the first game

  • Luke Marshall
    Luke MarshallMonth ago

    I never thought I'd hear Fresh say "Oh I can't see my dress is in the way!"

  • Samuel Wiseman
    Samuel WisemanMonth ago

    did anybody notice that when freshy boi fished and the little info tab popped up at the top of his screen almost every fish said 1# was lazarlazar the lazarbum himself or darksniper

  • FireGamer
    FireGamerMonth ago


  • Arian Rampersad
    Arian RampersadMonth ago

    I did this challenge and I won first try

  • Rafique Ali
    Rafique AliMonth ago

    I got a mithic gold fish in pubs

  • Sajid afin
    Sajid afinMonth ago

    so once i got two purp tact 2 vendates then another and then a golden spaz

  • Bronson Kasturi
    Bronson KasturiMonth ago

    I love your vids keep it up

  • Paul
    PaulMonth ago

    At 5:05 she ate one of her kind. Some princesse

  • Bloxy Bros.
    Bloxy Bros.Month ago

    I got vendetta flopper first try

  • Awesome man
    Awesome manMonth ago

    What happens to the song that fresh used to play

  • Aron Lin
    Aron LinMonth ago

    does mr frsh not see the vindeta fish

  • Wolfie Playz
    Wolfie PlayzMonth ago

    fresh has a fish skin little do you know he still eats the fish

  • Robert Lopez13
    Robert Lopez13Month ago

    Imagine still playing fortnite Fresh jk but I think fortnite is dead I play Apex legends

  • Lucas el crakster
    Lucas el craksterMonth ago

    Did someone else see that the guy he killed he had a vendetta fish 3:49

  • Chill Mystic
    Chill MysticMonth ago

    Dude I was fishing yesterday I broke two fishing barrels and got all blue rods then the first time I fished with a blue rod i got a vendetta flop

  • the boys fan
    the boys fanMonth ago

    Remember when this challenge was bad

  • Its Shedz
    Its ShedzMonth ago

    Fresh eating hes own kind

  • Romeo Tikanniemi
    Romeo TikanniemiMonth ago

    Get a pro fishing rod

  • Meihul Goyal
    Meihul GoyalMonth ago

    Fresh forgot harpoon gun is a weapon

  • Vørtex
    VørtexMonth ago

    fresh: i m cursed also him: eating seafood with a fish outfit CANNIBALISM 100

  • Nathan Camilleri
    Nathan CamilleriMonth ago


  • W3!ghtz
    W3!ghtzMonth ago


  • Sophie Hussain
    Sophie HussainMonth ago

    Wow fishing really is OP

  • Bianca Jutan
    Bianca JutanMonth ago

    Code Fresh let's go yeet

  • Gamer Gamer
    Gamer GamerMonth ago

    3:05 nah when u take a car and it hits those stairs it breaks the car idk why it’s a glitch

  • L1M1T3D
    L1M1T3DMonth ago

    wtf are you stupid why did you not eat the vendetta flopper

  • Ace does anything
    Ace does anythingMonth ago

    I got 4 vendettas today not that rare or I am lucky

  • Fortnite Matrix
    Fortnite MatrixMonth ago


  • Alex
    AlexMonth ago

    When he called it “a bean can grenade”

  • samantha meade
    samantha meadeMonth ago

    good job btw this is my moms acc i love ur vids

  • Jasiel Lopez Robles
    Jasiel Lopez RoblesMonth ago

    bruh i saw the vendetta flop when he killed the guy with the spaz

  • Jacob Simpso
    Jacob SimpsoMonth ago

    New title could be smgs only

  • Jay
    JayMonth ago

    I know I found like three vendetta floppers in one hole

  • DewayneACE
    DewayneACEMonth ago

    in sted of box like a fish is box by a fish

  • Acrobath
    AcrobathMonth ago

    3:49 do you see that vendetta? Lol

  • MQ - 04FJ 832962 Champlain Trail PS
    MQ - 04FJ 832962 Champlain Trail PSMonth ago

    WoOoOooooooooooooooooooOoOoOo FISHING

  • Naomi Dickerson
    Naomi DickersonMonth ago

    If I heard Fresh say "Yes" I would know immediately it's him

  • Lila Mcguirk
    Lila McguirkMonth ago

    I could not find you for so long

  • tapiwa tavenyika
    tapiwa tavenyikaMonth ago

    i did this challenge with my friend and we won

  • Nick Nock
    Nick NockMonth ago

    I got a gold spaz, purple primal rifle, and 4 vendetta flop flops so epic rly broke fishing

  • Roel Koh
    Roel KohMonth ago

    Fresh can u do a challenge in arena to make it more challenging and pressuring

  • Sohail Gamer
    Sohail GamerMonth ago

    8:53 what if it was from the machine thing and not from fishing?

  • Wolfy
    WolfyMonth ago

    Floppa? Cussed?

  • Wolfy
    WolfyMonth ago

    What’s a bean can grenade?

  • Wolfy
    WolfyMonth ago

    Don’t know why he is hunting his friends and family

  • Tep _ed1ts
    Tep _ed1tsMonth ago

    Did anyone else see the vendetta flopper at 3:49

    MATEO GARCIAMonth ago

    Ther all running from a princes flop flop

  • Josiah pompey
    Josiah pompeyMonth ago

    He is a fish eating fish

  • Eva Yeong
    Eva YeongMonth ago

    I got a purple pump!

  • KAA$$HH
    KAA$$HHMonth ago

    7:16 i find it so amazing how he missed every shot🤩🤩

  • Bsd 615
    Bsd 615Month ago

    Fresh catching fresh fish (:

  • josiah forde
    josiah fordeMonth ago

    I think I killed you in a creative full match

  • j von
    j vonMonth ago

    This man haven't been posting and now he wants to post I'm not hatting It's just that he haven't post

  • Karen Hope
    Karen HopeMonth ago

    The Spire Guardian didn't destroy your truck if you drive a vehicle up one of the towers it just destroys your vehicle unless it's a boat

  • Toxic Person
    Toxic PersonMonth ago

    Cucumber. Pickle.

  • Toxicity Gaming_YT
    Toxicity Gaming_YTMonth ago

    Am I just really lucky or was it already blue and up

  • argo tv
    argo tvMonth ago

    Bro i just got so lucky i got a harpoon and then i went fishing and i got a legendary pump shotgan lol an also a lagendery smg luckiest game ever lol

  • Alfie Kenny
    Alfie KennyMonth ago

    Even like subscribe and put no no is locations under even the bell

  • Alfie Kenny
    Alfie KennyMonth ago

    Fresh when you add me on Fortnite

  • Alfie Kenny
    Alfie KennyMonth ago

    F fresh I love your videos mate

  • Alfie Kenny
    Alfie KennyMonth ago


  • Brett Wilson
    Brett WilsonMonth ago

    Fresh is the best player in oce and he makes everyone's day thank you fresh

  • Doomboi 358
    Doomboi 358Month ago

    At 3:49 he walks past vendetta fish nooo

  • A.P.S. Wolfy
    A.P.S. WolfyMonth ago

    Bruh during this week I've found 7 Vendetta Floppers

  • SuperBlue Gamer
    SuperBlue GamerMonth ago

    Something tells me craggy and sweaty sand will be a lot more popular drop spot this week

  • SuperBlue Gamer
    SuperBlue GamerMonth ago


  • Haydn Plays Gam3z
    Haydn Plays Gam3zMonth ago


  • Ultimate Dj
    Ultimate DjMonth ago

    Fresh is cracked at fortnite 🙀

  • Dr PewDiePiE
    Dr PewDiePiEMonth ago

    Use code fresh

  • Dylan shorts
    Dylan shortsMonth ago

    Bruh there was a ventetta floper next to that kid with the spaz !

  • JGgames11
    JGgames11Month ago

    You missed a vendetta flipper when you killed the guy with the gold pump in first game

  • RomanDucky Z
    RomanDucky ZMonth ago

    At 3:48 he mist a vandeda floper

  • Kian MM
    Kian MMMonth ago

    honestly its pretty bad you only blue primal shotguns THAT THE ONLY WEAPON AND ONE OF THE WIRST

  • Benji Beast
    Benji BeastMonth ago

    One of the guys fresh killed had a vendetta flopper and he didn't see it 😢

  • saicu darius
    saicu dariusMonth ago

    i love your content your the best no cap

  • Lovers of God
    Lovers of GodMonth ago

    That is just so FRESH -_-

  • Ayham Alflaiti
    Ayham AlflaitiMonth ago

    3:05 that's not the spire guardian for some reason when you take a car up the spire it explodes

  • Jacob Clements
    Jacob ClementsMonth ago

    There was a vendetta flopper... first game 4 people left 6th kill

  • GamerKidz Pro
    GamerKidz ProMonth ago

    Wtf there were two vendetta floppers how in the world?

  • 2G Panda
    2G PandaMonth ago

    Please dont take this seriously: Fresh minimum blue rarity next second rusty can

  • TydieAndTidus
    TydieAndTidusMonth ago


  • Lauren Burke
    Lauren BurkeMonth ago


  • tomxy
    tomxyMonth ago

    who noticed a vendetta floper