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  • FreshFresh
    FreshFresh23 days ago

    you dropped your pickle.. SUBSCRIBE

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  • Diran Rasho

    Diran Rasho

    17 days ago

    @Fresh i im :)

  • etyplayz


    17 days ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  • M B

    M B

    18 days ago

    @AJ Cheek Lol XD 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fresh Pantelli
    Fresh Pantelli4 days ago

    Fresh do you still have your mullet

  • Philip Rowlay
    Philip Rowlay10 days ago

    Watch the skies... They're coming!

  • x2bannan
    x2bannan10 days ago

    The sound sounds like the enemy for mw3

  • Aaron Hopkins
    Aaron Hopkins11 days ago

    its in a diffrent state

  • Ayden Kalika
    Ayden Kalika11 days ago

    You forgot about pickle rick

  • matt5032 matt5032
    matt5032 matt503213 days ago

    If you want the phone number press this 4:48

  • Zane Grice
    Zane Grice13 days ago

    I know what you look like but why you never show your face

  • Walter Gang
    Walter Gang16 days ago

    The ceo of “ what’s up guys yes”

  • Tord
    Tord16 days ago

    It is me Tord

  • Yasin Zayd
    Yasin Zayd17 days ago

    Why did the poster have to be covered up

  • Toady is Simping For Tsu
    Toady is Simping For Tsu17 days ago

    Imagine just minding your business and then seeing two ppl driving and one is dressed as a pickle

  • Krish Shah
    Krish Shah18 days ago

    did anyone notice or was it just me, I saw a gold shocwave bow at stealthy strongholds from a chest fresh opened and he had a purple one but he did not take it?

  • Levi and Rydell gaming
    Levi and Rydell gaming18 days ago

    Look out in the sky

  • Summer Mountier
    Summer Mountier18 days ago

    people who could understnd the call --------

  • Alison Land
    Alison Land18 days ago

    The phone call said watch the skies they have found us cjvhfvhghghgghghgh

  • Hadrien U
    Hadrien U18 days ago

    Ok so guy put a zero go to creative and put in the number see if it’s a creative world

  • HannahLee Cooper
    HannahLee Cooper18 days ago

    Fresh t5g? Lmao

  • Yasemin Gurlu
    Yasemin Gurlu18 days ago


  • Nightbot
    Nightbot18 days ago

    The 3 marks may just be geno and the sosters

  • gecko Fox
    gecko Fox18 days ago

    Fresh I'm not lying I saw in solid gold Somone was abducted at retail

  • 87411111 803133
    87411111 80313319 days ago

    I forget Fresh is 18 but in this video its very obvious that Fresh is super young.

  • Gregor Martin
    Gregor Martin19 days ago

    What if you play the alien voice in reverse

  • Gabriel Soto
    Gabriel Soto19 days ago

    Watch the sky......they have found us

  • Gabriel Soto
    Gabriel Soto19 days ago

    Watch the sky...... they have found us

  • Mystic_prime1
    Mystic_prime119 days ago

    Yep I didn’t here that voice crack

  • GGGaming b
    GGGaming b19 days ago

    You Don't Fool Me!

  • Harit Hans
    Harit Hans20 days ago

    Haaaaaa haaaaaaaa

  • Kevinlee Cool Gaming
    Kevinlee Cool Gaming20 days ago

    I think he coulddddd be leacking his skin at the start with the pickle guy

  • Warhawk_ Bray
    Warhawk_ Bray20 days ago

    Fresh needs to get a face cam cause then we can see when he gets surprised by somthing or scared and every one has probably seen his face but you don’t need to

  • Pärtel Gross
    Pärtel Gross20 days ago

    i hope you get a skin and epic send you a secret thinghs secound time

  • Yes He
    Yes He20 days ago

    Commenting untill you notice me day 18

  • Zach fortnite God
    Zach fortnite God20 days ago

    What was that 2 misnites

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M20 days ago

    4:48 number

  • Aaron M

    Aaron M

    20 days ago

    Lol 3rd comment

  • Aaron M

    Aaron M

    20 days ago

    Ya helpful

  • Aaron M

    Aaron M

    20 days ago

    Aww yeah thanks man

  • Lumi Go
    Lumi Go20 days ago

    There is a strange tv and some other stuf there in the lobby screen: D

  • 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗲


    20 days ago

    i know

  • 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗲
    𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗲20 days ago


  • Lumi Go

    Lumi Go

    20 days ago

    We are the best friends and we found it togeter

  • Brayden Hansen
    Brayden Hansen20 days ago

    Aria 51

  • It’s me patches Dreams cat
    It’s me patches Dreams cat21 day ago

    I swear Fresh’s third account is going to PickleFresh

  • Olivia Baker
    Olivia Baker21 day ago

    Fresh is like fuck smarter that Einstein 😂

  • Vassallo 1
    Vassallo 121 day ago

    Wtf the pickle is gonna eat some pickles before he sleeps

  • inecraftpro 08
    inecraftpro 0821 day ago

    Dude check to see if the symbols on the spire towers match the ones in the crop field

  • Kabir Dass
    Kabir Dass21 day ago

    My name Jeff

  • Ameer Khan
    Ameer Khan21 day ago

    Am I the only one who heard watch the skies they have found us

  • Danny Baker
    Danny Baker21 day ago

    If fresh got a skin it would have to be peely but instead of a banana it’s a pickle

  • AnonymousFall
    AnonymousFall21 day ago

    I mean I would rather watch an educational fresh vid then SypherPK's documentaries

  • Will Putnam
    Will Putnam21 day ago

    How does Fresh not have a Skin? He deserve it soooo much like 10000000000000%

  • Jasmine Avila
    Jasmine Avila21 day ago

    Hear me out “ Area 51”

  • Hub31wb !
    Hub31wb !21 day ago

    “Us Australians ride kangaroos to school.” Me: man I’m missing out

  • Official Skully
    Official Skully21 day ago


  • Official Skully

    Official Skully

    21 day ago


  • Official Skully
    Official Skully21 day ago

    I have the chills

  • Official Skully
    Official Skully21 day ago


  • FR Piethon
    FR Piethon21 day ago

    Im bout' to call the number man!

  • suckacron _acron
    suckacron _acron21 day ago

    Someone call the number

  • Cole Danger
    Cole Danger21 day ago

    poor pickle man : ]

  • Casey Shaner
    Casey Shaner21 day ago

    Hopefully they bring back mythic bosses

  • bendy
    bendy21 day ago

    #&$^$ watch the sky $%%^% they have found us :&%#

  • deldavis1998
    deldavis199821 day ago

    You set the ambient lighting in the BM to green too! Nice little touch!

  • F10ppaP1ayya
    F10ppaP1ayya21 day ago

    the last thing we need is a new clickbaiter

  • LycanAtm
    LycanAtm21 day ago

    I swear the phone number doesn’t work in America

  • Guy 474
    Guy 47421 day ago

    Can someone help me for some reason damage won’t pop up on people I hit I looked through the settings and can’t find anything can someone please help me

  • naruto uchiha
    naruto uchiha21 day ago


  • kad games Fern
    kad games Fern21 day ago

    the number did not work

  • Michelle Hogan
    Michelle Hogan21 day ago

    Fresh you should call the green Alien skin pickle alien

  • treetheOG Stins
    treetheOG Stins21 day ago

    I thought the pickle man was FaZe Teeqo

  • Swotch
    Swotch21 day ago

    Oh no its my worst fear he's turning into a cringey channel :O

  • Nick Phil
    Nick Phil21 day ago

    i bet everybody thought they were dum

  • Mecha Alex
    Mecha Alex21 day ago

    Thanks for showing menyour edits/biulds

  • Deepika Rekhi
    Deepika Rekhi21 day ago

    First VLOG!!!

  • Brady Dyas
    Brady Dyas21 day ago

    Fresh u should do more discussion vids I enjoyed a lot

  • soaR caelyn
    soaR caelyn21 day ago

    If you see this fresh I love your videos can I join NRG I'm really good

  • Justice Lucero
    Justice Lucero21 day ago

    This phone number said watch the sky’s They have found us

  • FAZENick99
    FAZENick9921 day ago

    actually fortnite has the most amount of players than ever look it up

  • Phillip Olivates Jr
    Phillip Olivates Jr21 day ago

    It formed a cube

  • Casey Barrett
    Casey Barrett21 day ago

    this is like watching a 3 am video wtf has happened to this channel…

  • Mojo mojo
    Mojo mojo21 day ago

    when i called it said pls hang up now this is a recording

  • tracy brear
    tracy brear22 days ago

    marordas i dont know how to spell it

  • benötigen
    benötigen22 days ago

    me: turns notifications on youtube: never notifies me 𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗰𝗸 𝗼𝘂𝘁 ˑ𝟮𝟭𝘃𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘀˳𝗰𝗼𝗺ˑ 🤫ˑ

  • Dwight Schrute

    Dwight Schrute

    21 day ago

    just dont

  • Victor_the_juice_wrld Fan

    Victor_the_juice_wrld Fan

    21 day ago

    ✋ stop

  • joaquin tacos

    joaquin tacos

    21 day ago


  • Ariel-Noah
    Ariel-Noah22 days ago

    me: turns notifications on youtube: never notifies me 𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗰𝗸 𝗼𝘂𝘁 ˑ𝟮𝟭𝘃𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘀˳𝗰𝗼𝗺ˑ 🤫ˑ

  • Dwight Schrute

    Dwight Schrute

    21 day ago


  • Victor_the_juice_wrld Fan

    Victor_the_juice_wrld Fan

    21 day ago


  • joaquin tacos

    joaquin tacos

    21 day ago


  • NgaLoco
    NgaLoco22 days ago

    me: turns notifications on youtube: never notifies me 𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗰𝗸 𝗼𝘂𝘁 ˑ𝟮𝟭𝘃𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘀˳𝗰𝗼𝗺ˑ 🤫ˑ

  • Dwight Schrute

    Dwight Schrute

    21 day ago

    just dont

  • Victor_the_juice_wrld Fan

    Victor_the_juice_wrld Fan

    21 day ago


  • joaquin tacos

    joaquin tacos

    21 day ago


  • Gabriel Palma
    Gabriel Palma22 days ago

    Don’t drive for almost 6 hours man!

  • DeluxRevstar
    DeluxRevstar22 days ago


  • Rubikcubedude42
    Rubikcubedude4222 days ago

    For some reason fresh would probably hate eating pickles

  • Vernetta Sword
    Vernetta Sword22 days ago

    The careless fighter positionally trust because pain optically gaze notwithstanding a shiny kettledrum. squeamish, hesitant foxglove

  • Ishmaheal Khan
    Ishmaheal Khan22 days ago


  • Paul Orto
    Paul Orto22 days ago

    I know where the leaks are at

  • Daequae-Gaming
    Daequae-Gaming22 days ago

    8:41 marauders

    ISAAC CAMPOS22 days ago

    HES WHITE.......GoLd SpA.......oh my gosh....uhhhh no one heard that voice crack😒

  • Brenton Thornton
    Brenton Thornton22 days ago

    You know there’s a rare chance that you can be abducted by your UFO right now in Fortnite

  • Genesis
    Genesis22 days ago

    Muselk here

  • water_melonSs
    water_melonSs22 days ago

    Lol it is later but I got taken by alians in fort ite

  • Malek Ali
    Malek Ali22 days ago

    Aliens Number 0731861051

  • Treyten Junior
    Treyten Junior22 days ago

    Boi get a hair cut

    SPICY KING22 days ago

    epic dosent treat fresh the right way

    VENGOUS22 days ago

    Tbh it kinda sounds like and Australian season

  • zmorph gamez
    zmorph gamez22 days ago

    hi fresh I love your videos and I'm a tiny youtuber so could you give some advice on youtube or give me shout out please:)

  • zmorph gamez

    zmorph gamez

    22 days ago

    thx :) ;) :) :)

  • Mimi Hill
    Mimi Hill22 days ago

    i recon its australian themed

  • PWR Ismail
    PWR Ismail22 days ago

    The Walmart version of Alia

  • FlipItsmeZach
    FlipItsmeZach22 days ago

    Sypherpk 2.0 lol

  • Shadow_ Jacob
    Shadow_ Jacob22 days ago

    1:35 bruh that kid was an eshayyy

  • JackPeanut_BBZ
    JackPeanut_BBZ22 days ago

    I like these kinda videos- keep them up!