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  • Louie Dyson
    Louie DysonHour ago

    Fresh add me plz ur the first USplanr that I’ve subed to my name is shooter LDS

  • virtual tiktoks
    virtual tiktoks3 hours ago

    Did you know most fornite sweat use the one handed keyboard

  • Makhi Caples
    Makhi Caples17 hours ago

    Fresh man use a face cam. We all want it

  • ImDogWater
    ImDogWaterDay ago

    When the camera died I would of just switched to my normal keyboard

  • ImDogWater
    ImDogWaterDay ago

    7:31 that’s so clean

  • preemahi
    preemahi2 days ago

    watching my guys thumb bending backwards at a disturbing angle

  • Leigh Oakhill
    Leigh Oakhill3 days ago

    Good video

  • Abraham Salyer
    Abraham Salyer3 days ago


  • Abraham Salyer
    Abraham Salyer3 days ago

    When fresh hits a head pump it does 40 me bruh

  • Bajito
    Bajito3 days ago

    Fresh is the best USplan ever I love watching him all the time fresh if u see this tour the best

  • Bajito


    3 days ago

    Your sorry

  • Trantoyn
    Trantoyn4 days ago

    you forgot to put your keyboard cam on in the dub

  • Gacha Boi
    Gacha Boi4 days ago

    Am I the only one who is literally wont then fresh even on a normal keyboa

  • Gacha Boi

    Gacha Boi

    4 days ago


  • ZeusXVII
    ZeusXVII4 days ago

    I use that For Playing Fortnite Mobile

  • Alex Hilliar
    Alex Hilliar5 days ago

    nice hand

  • Cloaked
    Cloaked5 days ago


  • Kegan rebel pilot starr
    Kegan rebel pilot starr5 days ago


  • Curved
    Curved6 days ago

    I’m still surprised fresh did his challenges in season 3 for the brella

  • Bread
    Bread6 days ago

    If your ever sad just remember bread is here for you

  • Bread
    Bread6 days ago

    If your ever sad just remember bread is here for you

  • Rod D
    Rod D6 days ago

    Hi fresh

  • Jaykin Vue
    Jaykin Vue6 days ago

    Everyone: Fresh what do you do for a job? Fresh: Crank 90’s

  • Prime Gamer
    Prime Gamer7 days ago

    Can you please do your normal keyboard handcam

  • Makai Seevers
    Makai Seevers7 days ago

    The cone is v

  • Magaly Chacon
    Magaly Chacon7 days ago

    U are my favorite tuber fresh

  • Mc Fisholes
    Mc Fisholes7 days ago

    wait hes white

  • Mansour Mahmood
    Mansour Mahmood8 days ago

    how did he not find a recon scanner or any alien guns or satellites'

  • Jed Craig
    Jed Craig8 days ago

    Unless u really hate it maybe you should stick to it

  • Yasmin Said
    Yasmin Said8 days ago

    Let’s just say fresh is a sweat even with the weirdest keybord

  • Danette N.
    Danette N.8 days ago

    When fresh camru died he didn’t even know that it was ded

  • AnnoyingKid
    AnnoyingKid8 days ago

    I have that Keyboard but its old and its RGB

  • Yazan Dawoud
    Yazan Dawoud9 days ago

    Oh my God I am the person that you killed

  • Jordan Bergersen
    Jordan Bergersen9 days ago

    give a star rate

  • Rawa Baraheem
    Rawa Baraheem9 days ago

    I use created code fresh in the item shop

  • The Memer peanut
    The Memer peanut9 days ago

    I remember fresh in chapter 2. Season 2 🥲

  • Marbble
    Marbble10 days ago

    He never try to use the joystick as his movement

  • Abdi Capalot
    Abdi Capalot10 days ago

    i thought they were gonna be sweats cuz he gets sweats iusally

  • Nathan Barragan
    Nathan Barragan10 days ago

    It was funny when his camera died

  • Sanneke de Bont
    Sanneke de Bont11 days ago

    You have this from x2twins or not

  • Leighton Frischmon
    Leighton Frischmon11 days ago

    You should always use it but plug in you normal keyboard and use that for stuff the one hand can't do like build cones and open up map

  • Dany Giron
    Dany Giron11 days ago

    fresh edits faster than me when he is using a one handed jeyboard

  • CLX Raid
    CLX Raid11 days ago


  • Edward Smith
    Edward Smith13 days ago

    Fresh: this has everything Me: half of the key board

  • 1117games
    1117games13 days ago

    i would keep that thing as my normal keyboard

  • Eddion R 2
    Eddion R 213 days ago

    8:53 we gotta number 1 victory royal

  • Andrew Kavanagh
    Andrew Kavanagh13 days ago

    Azeron Keypad is Weirder

  • Arturo Sanchez
    Arturo Sanchez13 days ago

    3:11 his thumb 😳

  • Gaurav Vuligonda
    Gaurav Vuligonda14 days ago

    What's up guys.....Yes

    SHADOW VIPER14 days ago

    Bruh look at his fingers 🤣

  • Fighting Goat
    Fighting Goat14 days ago

    Weirdest keyboard and weirdest mouse?

  • SpendingSaucer
    SpendingSaucer14 days ago

    Fresh the weirdest keyboard is the azeron

  • Marisa Celestino
    Marisa Celestino14 days ago

    Your thum is weird

  • Mr Webee
    Mr Webee15 days ago

    where can I buy this?

  • lisa melton
    lisa melton15 days ago

    Know I don’t think the camra died I think he just switched to the normal key bored

  • Rafus The golden minecart
    Rafus The golden minecart16 days ago

    Can we just say, i dont think he lost any hp or shiled

  • K
    K16 days ago

    You’re a pro Fortnite player

  • Jade Bainbridge
    Jade Bainbridge17 days ago

    I betty gatfhf

  • KãÿśöñÒñGfûêł🥛🥛
    KãÿśöñÒñGfûêł🥛🥛17 days ago

    I’m pretty sure 100T Mrsavage did play with that in comp

  • Zarrrow
    Zarrrow17 days ago

    fresh u are ment to use the joistick to moove

  • Camden Rife
    Camden Rife18 days ago

    Con is v

  • Piotr Róg
    Piotr Róg18 days ago

    copied from jacob POZDRO

  • NotToChannelDog
    NotToChannelDog19 days ago

    I always feel bad for Fresh when he does a awful challenge and ends up losing

  • Tyler Shiels
    Tyler Shiels19 days ago

    Imagine fresh playing arena with the one handed keyboard

  • Jennifer Pellette
    Jennifer Pellette20 days ago

    I’m the person that uses four hands on a normal keyboard

  • Robert Murillo
    Robert Murillo20 days ago

    is fresh just craked on everything

  • 479 Gamer
    479 Gamer20 days ago

    Big daddy 😩😩😩😩

  • Aogiri
    Aogiri20 days ago

    Bro fresh thumb is so god damn long

  • Landon Harris
    Landon Harris20 days ago

    What does he do with his other hand

  • Bear nado
    Bear nado20 days ago

    Fresh is at his best with the p90

  • David Bratt-lewis
    David Bratt-lewis21 day ago

    And there is no way that he almost won this match with the one handed keyboard so he is using lazarbeam for his normal keyboard

  • David Bratt-lewis
    David Bratt-lewis21 day ago

    I think fresh is using lazarbeam ffor using his normal keyboard

  • kshark67
    kshark6721 day ago

    That's funny 😂

  • StillChill
    StillChill21 day ago

    Fresh I use my mouse buttons for my wall and stairs, just like you

  • Chris Medrano
    Chris Medrano21 day ago

    Fresh...I only want the shockwave bow... Lazarbeam... I want all of them...

  • A W
    A W21 day ago

    Everyone: oh this is going to be harder for him. Me: I must practice he's out of his comfort zone and edits better then me

  • Gavin Edmunds
    Gavin Edmunds21 day ago

    where did u get that😂

  • Robloxian!
    Robloxian!21 day ago


  • The Perplexing world Of Mana
    The Perplexing world Of Mana22 days ago

    U should always use this

  • Nexus UA Empire
    Nexus UA Empire22 days ago

    Plot twist:Fresh ain’t playing the game...Lazar is sweating hard and hiding his sweatiness from us

  • David Bratt-lewis

    David Bratt-lewis

    21 day ago

    I always think that

  • Allison Gillard
    Allison Gillard22 days ago

    Fresh I am lazarbems and your fans my name is CitingRaptor852 and I’m young you inspire me to play fornite

  • Angelina and David’s land of fun Fun land
    Angelina and David’s land of fun Fun land22 days ago

    There is c A cone button it’s V

  • arom gameing
    arom gameing22 days ago

    I cant even play in a normal keyboard😭💀

  • Iqrar Hussain
    Iqrar Hussain22 days ago

    Still plays better than always

  • Uriel Maximo Ocotoxtle
    Uriel Maximo Ocotoxtle22 days ago

    dont say Holy

  • Uriel Maximo Ocotoxtle
    Uriel Maximo Ocotoxtle22 days ago

    dont say what hell

  • Uriel Maximo Ocotoxtle
    Uriel Maximo Ocotoxtle22 days ago

    guys please share the Gospel and Pray and read your Bible Jesus will come and he will ask you if you shared his word and had a relationship with him trust in Jesus

  • Hughie
    Hughie22 days ago

    You should use the azeron keypad

  • MinecraftStuff
    MinecraftStuff22 days ago

    He could be 2x as sweaty if he practiced and used this.

  • Corny Cobberson
    Corny Cobberson23 days ago


  • Leotnt
    Leotnt23 days ago

    Y are u wearing a face mask inside?

  • Gavin Pinkstaff
    Gavin Pinkstaff23 days ago

    i have been practicing on that and it is hard but he makes it seem so easy

  • Giovanni Vargas
    Giovanni Vargas23 days ago

    Nice job

  • scorpio_Zyphun
    scorpio_Zyphun23 days ago

    Fresh is already cracked he dosent need to be even more cracked

  • Zorb links
    Zorb links23 days ago

    I mean aren't all gaming keyboards one handed

  • Muhammed Khan
    Muhammed Khan23 days ago

    Wait is he still using a mouse?

  • MetroYT
    MetroYT23 days ago

    That's why fresh is so good his fingers are so long

  • Dmoneylaps24
    Dmoneylaps2423 days ago

    Look at his thumb on 3:15

  • Dmoneylaps24


    23 days ago

    Or 3:10

  • ZewdL
    ZewdL23 days ago

    Is that the razer martoz joystick

  • Ethan Jewell
    Ethan Jewell24 days ago

    U should use it all the time it looks cool

  • Leona Shanks
    Leona Shanks24 days ago

    how much wins have you got in solo

  • Dakota James
    Dakota James24 days ago

    you better do a Challenge with the one handed keyboard ⌨️ 👌🏻