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  • FatalGamer
    FatalGamerDay ago

    Orelia had the mythic

  • Adil Punjabi
    Adil Punjabi6 days ago

    i love the vid put i dont ike how he just bought 4 six shooter he couldve bought two >:(

  • ItzIcey
    ItzIcey6 days ago

    Fresh on his B-day: :/ yea whatever Fresh when a new update comes: YAYYYYY I SEE OPPORTUNITY

  • Cameren Christensen
    Cameren Christensen10 days ago

    That's what fresh thinks is sweaty? He should try playing on Xbox it's 3x worse

  • someone


    6 days ago

    Hes literally one of the best players in the world

  • Antonov Marius
    Antonov Marius15 days ago


  • Yk.Daqueen
    Yk.Daqueen21 day ago

    Yesss !!! Lazar beam and fresh collaborating ❤️😊

  • someone


    6 days ago

    Hes been friends for ages wdym

  • Griffen Andrews
    Griffen Andrews22 days ago

    oi if you're lara croft and steal the gold scar you get a gold variant

  • OofCrafter
    OofCrafter25 days ago

    Why was lazarbeam so toxic in the beginning of the video.

  • Annie Tay
    Annie Tay29 days ago

    there is a rift at the POI

  • Jack Mack
    Jack MackMonth ago

    a i

  • joshua thomas
    joshua thomasMonth ago

    I’ve it’s not in your video schedule, get Lara Croft gold by going to the island and pick up the gold scar without giving a tribute, then doing a legendary weapon only challenge

  • Cameron Wong
    Cameron WongMonth ago

    If you be 25th anniversary Lara Croft you will get gold

  • verriecherrie
    verriecherrieMonth ago

    "what are we playing? this is a pub game!" that's fortnite. sweatiest pub games you'll ever see.

  • jufu
    jufuMonth ago

    Imagine if they made it do 25 body shot…

  • Get_ ClapzYT
    Get_ ClapzYTMonth ago

    Is the new exotic pistols good

  • Jack Martin
    Jack MartinMonth ago

    I have ur skin

  • Reeses
    ReesesMonth ago

    People still go try hard in this game. 😂

  • I love fortnite
    I love fortniteMonth ago

    Fresh do you want to know where the Batman places it’s somewhere in Slurpee swamp

  • Tracey Chapman
    Tracey ChapmanMonth ago

    fresh love ur vids plz add me and im subscribed


    longrang and headshot thats very op

  • 10k cold
    10k coldMonth ago

    Yo the rippley skin was me LMAO

  • Tom Novotny
    Tom NovotnyMonth ago


  • Wendy Torres
    Wendy TorresMonth ago

    5:00 aimbot 5:37 another aimbot 6:03 AIMBOT

  • Fallen taco
    Fallen tacoMonth ago

    Finally an exotic version of my favourite gun

  • I spy with my little eye Dora?
    I spy with my little eye Dora?Month ago

    P Mac was in the video

  • I spy with my little eye Dora?
    I spy with my little eye Dora?Month ago

    First he says it’s dog water now he is saying this is pretty good like -_-

  • Brent McGillicuddy
    Brent McGillicuddyMonth ago

    you have to be the Lora Croft skin to talk to her and she does not get made

  • Cool Boy savage
    Cool Boy savageMonth ago


    INFIN WARMonth ago

    I want to see how many subscribers I can get from this

  • Austin Freeman
    Austin FreemanMonth ago


  • Dhanush Krishna
    Dhanush KrishnaMonth ago

    I see the beam every time I look in the mirror should be quote of the year.

  • Vercxy
    VercxyMonth ago

    Anyone hear from fresh shorts

  • Paypal Account
    Paypal AccountMonth ago

    The xenophobic willow bareilly unite because skate simulteneously admire beside a selective search. keen, mute chest

  • DZaiden Earthman
    DZaiden EarthmanMonth ago

    Dog turd

  • Jaime&Ye FlossMore
    Jaime&Ye FlossMoreMonth ago

    Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you , and have a wonderful day NEW USplanRS

  • Dr PewDiePiE
    Dr PewDiePiEMonth ago

    Use code Fresh

  • Misti Thorpe
    Misti ThorpeMonth ago

    lazer beam is better than fresh fresh gets bots to

  • Misti Thorpe
    Misti ThorpeMonth ago

    frost mj no cap hes trash

  • Goose
    GooseMonth ago

    I put a downed player on the tribute table thing and some music played, I think that is what the tribute means

  • Friend's_In_Common
    Friend's_In_CommonMonth ago

    4:20 pmack

  • Cactus James
    Cactus JamesMonth ago

    "Did you just ruin him in the car?"

    WENDY DUFFYMonth ago

    no one likes fortnite u gaylord

  • nito
    nitoMonth ago

    Isn't that game Dead


    fresh killed pmac like 3 or 4 times

  • Maya Elazar
    Maya ElazarMonth ago

    Fresh: king of the fortnite Lazerbeam: king of the meams

  • Okoun Fishtick
    Okoun FishtickMonth ago

    my is s.a.c. fresh

  • Oli Turner
    Oli TurnerMonth ago

    Can you do some fortnite tutorials please?

  • Madison Hercienus
    Madison HercienusMonth ago

    I never knew this update gave us a new mythic primal ar

  • Giovanni Salvioli
    Giovanni SalvioliMonth ago

    Isn't the shadow tracker a exotic pistol

  • the channel 13
    the channel 13Month ago

    Bru Lanan killed P mac and so did you fresh

  • Pranay Khatri
    Pranay KhatriMonth ago

    Fresh when cranking on others : Easy dubs! Fresh when others crank on him : WHY ARE WE PLAYING FNCS!!

  • Deidre Smith
    Deidre SmithMonth ago

    That exotic six shooter is one the best weapons in the game now.

  • Deidre Smith
    Deidre SmithMonth ago

    You and Laser are the stupidest assholes like she tells what to do in actual in game audio

  • unkown_malandro _6ixx
    unkown_malandro _6ixxMonth ago

    Jeez fresh views are going down

  • Tree Plus
    Tree PlusMonth ago

    9:22 make sense why don’t post daily all the time cuz you tired of fortinte

  • g elliott
    g elliottMonth ago

    Mr beam was not in the mood for recording lol

  • N0obism
    N0obismMonth ago

    his channel is slowly dying

  • Alfyris
    AlfyrisMonth ago

    The gun is balanced

  • Airlogan1017
    Airlogan1017Month ago

    Exactly why I stopped playing too. Public matches turned into the World Cup

  • Dominic Wang
    Dominic WangMonth ago


  • NuxHD
    NuxHDMonth ago

    Lazarbeam: "I can't even pretend my guy I don't fkin care" This resonates with me on a spiritual level and I cannot figure out why

  • Pacifist7P /TTV_bot_btw_lol
    Pacifist7P /TTV_bot_btw_lolMonth ago

    Poor p-mack he appeared 2 times with no recognition and got murdered immedietly.😂

  • Aizea Suncin
    Aizea SuncinMonth ago

    4:22 Jurassic park all over again💀

  • EXOTIC _tonyg
    EXOTIC _tonygMonth ago

    What’s up guys yes

  • Juventino Aquino-Diaz
    Juventino Aquino-DiazMonth ago

    You need the The Lara craft skin because that’s how you get the golden skin but if you get a golden scar she gets mad that’s why.

  • Jake Ross
    Jake RossMonth ago


  • coral Davis
    coral DavisMonth ago

    3:11 look at what weapon he got killed by why has know one noticed

  • Bronson Holland
    Bronson HollandMonth ago

    Tg has done it like it not impossible

  • Max O'Brien
    Max O'BrienMonth ago

    What’s up yes. Never gets old

  • Gaming king3206
    Gaming king3206Month ago

    What the name of this game

  • Luke Moore
    Luke MooreMonth ago

    If you wear the Lara Croft skin and pick up the scar, you get the gold anniversary style for her

  • S
    SMonth ago

    Lmao lol

  • S
    SMonth ago


  • It's Linz
    It's LinzMonth ago

    Nice video as always :D

  • Stigmata
    StigmataMonth ago

    Please sub to me

  • Michelle Rocksmore
    Michelle RocksmoreMonth ago

    She attacked you because you grabbed the scar the tribute is paying 750 gold and sue won’t attack you when you grab the scar

  • Michelle Rocksmore

    Michelle Rocksmore

    Month ago

    Also all NPC s give you items When you talk to them

  • Rasmi Sahu
    Rasmi SahuMonth ago

    Who else knows this was from the livestream

  • Six of White
    Six of WhiteMonth ago

    Wait I saw New mythic at gold lady

  • Laksh Dave
    Laksh DaveMonth ago

    I saw the live stream

  • xX universe boi Xx
    xX universe boi XxMonth ago

    Imagine stream sniping then killing the streamer... yall know you can get banned right?. That is if they report you

  • Johhan Laidmäe
    Johhan LaidmäeMonth ago

    Can you please go to the Channel Ezkroet 10 and drop some hate there. He bullies me in school cause I am overweight. Just write "Respect Metsalind" and leave. Thank you

  • R4GE
    R4GEMonth ago

    Getting famous off comments day 8. To live the life later🏖

  • fivesixnine photography
    fivesixnine photographyMonth ago

    Yesterday I got the second rarest item from a NPC and it was a gold scar and in a tournament

  • Thierry Fadzli Aditya Dewanto
    Thierry Fadzli Aditya DewantoMonth ago

    when ur luck is not on ur side

  • Donovan Barnes
    Donovan BarnesMonth ago

    3:27 peep PMAC

  • dragon isyourfriend
    dragon isyourfriendMonth ago

    fresh said share the loot we r a team me: bro u take the loot for urself fresh stop saying share the loot u cant share

  • Ruvyzvat
    RuvyzvatMonth ago

    Fort nite is no longer popular fresh, your viewer count as plummeted

  • Boy_ Von081
    Boy_ Von081Month ago

    Watch back and you will see

  • LegoSpaceRacer EKR
    LegoSpaceRacer EKRMonth ago

    It's always funny to me when Fresh gets frustrated at sweats in pubs when he himself sweats a lot in pubs XD

  • Boy_ Von081
    Boy_ Von081Month ago

    She got it

  • Dalson Eversole
    Dalson EversoleMonth ago

    Wow we are having a lot of Rick Grimes ever since the new six shooter exotic

  • Cyd Payne
    Cyd PayneMonth ago

    Now we know why they have so many wins is stream snipers

  • HandsOnTheWheel
    HandsOnTheWheelMonth ago

    That 6 shooter looks insane. In the hands of a nooby boi like me I would still get slaughtered by some sweat who builds a empire state building

  • Durpy Dilo
    Durpy DiloMonth ago

    Big Iron on his hip...

  • Estrella De Anda
    Estrella De AndaMonth ago

    5:29 u sack of sh*t

  • itsfroztyy
    itsfroztyyMonth ago

    day 19 of getting famous off of youtube comments so i can be living the dream later 🙂💜

  • Keleq yt
    Keleq ytMonth ago

    Freshii boy

  • Keleq yt
    Keleq ytMonth ago

    Aim botttttttttttttttt

  • J Smith
    J SmithMonth ago

    if u wear lera croft skin and get the new secres scar at the place behind flush u can get the skin u have too be the first too grab it tho

    ROGUE OTAKU ••JOLLY••Month ago

    5:01 , ⊙.☉