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  • Stella Macnaughton
    Stella Macnaughton9 days ago

    Is anyone else watching this whalst the "NEW" Season is out?? 💅💅. 👁👅👁

  • Jenson Hope
    Jenson Hope11 days ago


  • Djolex
    Djolex11 days ago

    Who is this skin fresh?

  • mesiroy1234
    mesiroy123413 days ago

    What is gold does

  • mesiroy1234
    mesiroy123413 days ago

    What do good do

  • Deidre Smith
    Deidre Smith14 days ago

    Fortnite doesn't "need" shit its a great game that isn't dying brainless

  • Twitch exotic
    Twitch exotic14 days ago

    Yo fresh wanna colabb

  • Just FIebzy
    Just FIebzy15 days ago

    That happened with me with burger man

  • PopFox
    PopFox15 days ago


  • Urvil Karia
    Urvil Karia15 days ago

    love u

  • Its_cutie🔥
    Its_cutie🔥16 days ago

    Hi fresh

  • Fifa clips
    Fifa clips16 days ago

    Fresh is the best at fortnite

  • Tatty eWriter
    Tatty eWriter16 days ago

    I gotta use all my gold Then leave and join a different match Edit: He wants to spend all his gold

  • Kaleb Balcer
    Kaleb Balcer16 days ago

    When fresh says “only 8 elims” and me only getting 3 elims I think that I’m a bot.

  • Camden Burse
    Camden Burse16 days ago

    he sounded like he had a hangover

  • monkey puncheg6
    monkey puncheg616 days ago

    Getting famous off comments without posting content day 132 so I can live the dream,live everyday like it's your last day🤙

  • Vander Akehurst
    Vander Akehurst16 days ago

    Has anyone seen a pistol this season 🔫🔫🔫

  • Dominik Bocek
    Dominik Bocek16 days ago

    This isn’t possible it’s season seven starts in Augast

  • Famous
    Famous17 days ago

    fresh: 4 different exotics him literally only using the six-shooter once

  • Ervin Muzurovic
    Ervin Muzurovic17 days ago

    Omg 999K views

  • King of Football
    King of Football17 days ago

    Aliens are in fornite pass a vid about that

  • George Washington
    George Washington17 days ago

    U already know when fresh is tired when he chokes a edit

  • NOTZ G
    NOTZ G17 days ago

    Feel bad cause that sweat

  • Matthew Fava
    Matthew Fava17 days ago

    Imagine just seeing a full gold peely with a fricken whole exotic loadout

  • Delwin Floodberg
    Delwin Floodberg17 days ago

    Hey fresh here’s some advice you know how your mostly tired for most of your videos well maybe if you get a ton of sleep maybe the hard challenges you do it might be easier because your not so tired well this is my opinion

  • Mohammed Montasir
    Mohammed Montasir17 days ago

    You are a pro at fortnit dude, i might play with you squads one day i wish Amen🙏

  • Nicole Nedelko
    Nicole Nedelko17 days ago

    I don’t play fortnite anymore because my ping is 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  • Jessica Barclay
    Jessica Barclay17 days ago

    I found cornman do the same thing as burgerman

  • SshadOw
    SshadOw17 days ago

    First ever time witnessing fresh seeing a llama and leaving it

    TEDDYKONGEN17 days ago

    Love your videos Fresh

  • Louis Martin
    Louis Martin17 days ago

    If ya'll bored head over to Jay Gaming for some nice vids.

  • David Ashcroft
    David Ashcroft17 days ago

    he has full gold agent pelly

  • Luke Tjahjana
    Luke Tjahjana17 days ago

    Is your peely a full gold banana?

  • Vex
    Vex17 days ago

    I have a challenge idea. The only heals is from UFO obduction.

  • Lilah Simpson
    Lilah Simpson17 days ago

    I now your name its harly brith is 5 of march 2002

  • Simon Gray
    Simon Gray17 days ago

    When does this season end

  • Naomi Smyth
    Naomi Smyth17 days ago

    Hi fresh I’m. A really big fan of u and lazer love you guys xx

  • Nicholas Mayfield
    Nicholas Mayfield17 days ago

    It is a glitch the thing where Gutbomb was gone

  • godz do whatever
    godz do whatever17 days ago

    It was a glitch

  • godz do whatever
    godz do whatever17 days ago

    You are not crazy

  • Yesenia Leal
    Yesenia Leal17 days ago

    Fresh is the best USplan ever😌😃 He’s my favorite😃

  • Charlie PlayZ
    Charlie PlayZ17 days ago

    Fresh sounds like lazarbeam

  • Antonio roblox gamer Leung
    Antonio roblox gamer Leung17 days ago

    Challenge:no editing the builds

  • Shadowdarkmetal
    Shadowdarkmetal17 days ago

    Hey fresh I have wanted to see you in action for a while

  • Preston Bartels
    Preston Bartels17 days ago

    U should shout out oatley

  • Aidan Avalos
    Aidan Avalos17 days ago

    Use code fresh

  • Vibezslayer
    Vibezslayer17 days ago

    Fresh can you do the six shooter only challenge where you can only use the 6 shooter

  • Vibezslayer


    17 days ago

    And heals

  • Hudson Hare
    Hudson Hare17 days ago


  • MrDeath3OOO
    MrDeath3OOO17 days ago

    Fresh should 1v1 Ninja

  • Sky block Easton
    Sky block Easton17 days ago

    Big gold boi

    NICHOLAS PEWITT17 days ago

    Here’s an idea: Be as toxic as you can using the new Bella Porch emote as much as possible.... in other words be a simp

  • dimond_playz
    dimond_playz17 days ago

    man fresh deserves some sleep

  • xslayer-_-
    xslayer-_-17 days ago

    Hey fresh I have a kid that thinks he is better than me either way I won him I was wondering if you can 1v1him🙂you don’t have to if you don’t want to here’s my TikTok lazybear_0

  • Zippycatmandu
    Zippycatmandu17 days ago

    The exotics are not clutching up now loses 20 health

  • siminnit
    siminnit17 days ago

    Its 3.17 am for me in the uk

  • Unknown :
    Unknown :17 days ago

    What 🤔🤔🤔

  • Irina Djuric
    Irina Djuric17 days ago

    Me and a new season starts level 1 500 days later epic games announcers a new season in one me at level 99 I am like 😡😡

  • TheRipperUnited Clan
    TheRipperUnited Clan17 days ago

    Why does everyone forget about the shadow tracker at the ski shack

  • Twin Fire04
    Twin Fire0417 days ago

    I like how he picks up the 6 shooter but doesn’t use it

  • lta arver
    lta arver17 days ago

    Fresh I’ve got a icon skin for you

  • Bray Rodriguez
    Bray Rodriguez17 days ago

    In the new season there is going to be kangaroos

  • Jonah Levenson
    Jonah Levenson17 days ago

    Cry me a river fresh, you literally get paid to play games

  • Toby and friends 2
    Toby and friends 217 days ago

    Just quit fortnite

  • Cybernite60 Z
    Cybernite60 Z17 days ago

    Burger man is stalking u

  • Jack Studdart
    Jack Studdart17 days ago

    Why am I the recommended one??

  • Jason d. Flahertyshorts
    Jason d. Flahertyshorts17 days ago

    The fucg

  • Mr Milk
    Mr Milk17 days ago


  • Mike Hon
    Mike Hon17 days ago

    What's up guys yes...

  • AIYA games 🗸
    AIYA games 🗸17 days ago

    Another wild week by fresh😄

  • Rodolfo Santibanez
    Rodolfo Santibanez17 days ago

    i got an ad of a very hot guy so I watched it all the way your welcome fresh

  • Talendale
    Talendale17 days ago

    3:17 Some NPCs actually don't always spawn immediately with the map, and can pop up like Gutbomb did a short time later. I used to have the same problem landing at the Boom House.

  • Salman Kowdan
    Salman Kowdan17 days ago

    Fresh: ''wat a minute did I get out of bed to get trold hang on I will be right back.''

  • Gary Hunt
    Gary Hunt17 days ago

    Fresh why do you not use a facecam we all know what you're face looks like

  • Lesedi2021
    Lesedi202117 days ago

    U love Molly??

  • Fortnite pro 69
    Fortnite pro 6917 days ago

    How is sad coz old intros gone only go’s get to say me

    CILLIAN MC MULLAN17 days ago

    no use gold raz pls

  • Majella Fitzmaurice
    Majella Fitzmaurice17 days ago


  • brazy21kx
    brazy21kx18 days ago

    Burger man was late to work he asked his friends the 👽 to drop him off😂

  • Yes He
    Yes He18 days ago

    Commenting untill you notice me day 19

  • Francisco de José
    Francisco de José18 days ago

    Lazarbeam Are better than You

  • Ink Sans
    Ink Sans18 days ago

    If mr crabs played fortnite he would be happy

  • Meta Morfosys
    Meta Morfosys18 days ago

    Fresh theres a tv by the rokley car house and i think it tells how Many days our left untill the live event happpends

  • Sir Matty
    Sir Matty18 days ago

    Dead video ideas the thick videos are gay

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark18 days ago

    I need to see Fresh win a game with just a single primal pistol no other guns

  • Joshua Crisman
    Joshua Crisman18 days ago

    he just did not use the six shooter

  • ethan scholefield
    ethan scholefield18 days ago

    Does he play anything but fortnight

  • RecentedRay
    RecentedRay18 days ago

    Play dodge ball again

  • Juliet Pepper
    Juliet Pepper18 days ago

    fresh can i play with you in the new season it’s my birthday on the 8th and all I’ve wanted to do is to play with you

  • Misbah Tariq
    Misbah Tariq18 days ago


  • Benjamin Allan
    Benjamin Allan18 days ago

    Imagine fresh with a mythic pump and skies mythic scar.

  • Ralfonito
    Ralfonito18 days ago

    Fresh : we got the dub but we only got 8 kills Me who is happy with 8 kills : are you serious my brutha?

  • I_like_ya_cut_g1838 *slaps
    I_like_ya_cut_g1838 *slaps18 days ago

    What the tittle should have been: Winning using exotica only

  • Alfyris
    Alfyris18 days ago


  • Xyro
    Xyro18 days ago

    Code : Fresh

  • Gli-Z Dadominator
    Gli-Z Dadominator18 days ago

    He didn’t use the six shooter sadly ☹️

  • Bella Facer
    Bella Facer18 days ago

    Spread the gospel 🙏

  • itsfroztyy
    itsfroztyy18 days ago

    day 35 of getting famous off of youtube comments so i can be living the dream later 😊❤️

  • Nikita Valko
    Nikita Valko18 days ago

    Fresh, Burger man sponde in after a while of you being there, I hope you understand

  • KingAlex0908 Lussier
    KingAlex0908 Lussier18 days ago

    Im sorry but im so annoying he didnt even shoot the 6 shooter once😭 like he shot 2 bullets then went back to the dualies poor sic shooter

  • Jesus is Lord
    Jesus is Lord18 days ago

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