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  • shachar movies
    shachar moviesDay ago

    i really like the battle pass and the story for each skin. my rank: 8.5/10

  • Zk ooga booga
    Zk ooga boogaDay ago

    Rei xxxxxx math is Islamic reading is meth science is Russian GERMANY GANG

  • Letrish Sayiajin
    Letrish Sayiajin2 days ago

    I can see fresh is just trying to not simp over doctor slone..

  • Marc 83
    Marc 834 days ago

    Fresh Logic: If it's not green it's garbage

  • TheSpooky Ghostツ
    TheSpooky Ghostツ5 days ago


  • ICY T
    ICY T6 days ago

    4:22 I am not positive but I think Freshs favorite color might be gree

  • XxRJxXGaming
    XxRJxXGaming6 days ago

    They should of added pickle Rick it could of been freshs main skin

  • r6Gang
    r6Gang7 days ago


  • Niber Nameq
    Niber Nameq7 days ago


  • Zedd Crawford
    Zedd Crawford9 days ago

    Let get 1000 likes

  • hi, I'm suga
    hi, I'm suga9 days ago

    ngl one of the best battle passes

  • okaiz okaiz
    okaiz okaiz9 days ago

    can u gib me battle pass plase my nam id gemri

  • Diamond elbeg
    Diamond elbeg10 days ago

    “Imagine not buying this battle pass” Me: who doesn’t have a console or pc and can’t play anything 🥲

  • clipsty
    clipsty10 days ago

    Here is the lazerbeam use code fresh UwU

  • Alfie
    Alfie10 days ago

    Snot alien lol

  • Gilly Gaming
    Gilly Gaming10 days ago

    Super man playing fortnite as batman 😂

  • Harrison Lafser
    Harrison Lafser11 days ago

    Yesssssssssssss sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • S.S Boogie
    S.S Boogie11 days ago

    Bruh wym brand new battle stars, they was in chapter 1

  • Ishak Birhanu
    Ishak Birhanu11 days ago

    I subbed by the way

  • Toucan
    Toucan12 days ago

    What an amazing outro

  • Aydin Khan
    Aydin Khan12 days ago

    I got battle pass today

  • TNPFighterPilot
    TNPFighterPilot12 days ago

    Can we just appreciate the fact that fresh had goodtimeswithscar timelapse music on in the background

  • Dillan Dennis
    Dillan Dennis12 days ago

    The alive music concordantly rule because sleet karyologically boast beneath a marked syrup. defeated, hushed band

  • Professor
    Professor 12 days ago

    for a second im like wait a second when did the syoherPK video start cuz of the music

  • Games James
    Games James12 days ago

    Fresh I would like to see pickle Rick

  • Sean Hagamin
    Sean Hagamin12 days ago


  • noobyboost
    noobyboost12 days ago

    Adult skins baby

  • Raidd
    Raidd12 days ago

    Who is guggimon 😂

  • VR Racing
    VR Racing12 days ago


  • Texas Boi
    Texas Boi12 days ago

    There’s always one annoying emote😂

  • Cosmic Force
    Cosmic Force12 days ago

    How he said arabic

  • RiThePie123
    RiThePie12313 days ago

    The new secret skin is yuri

  • That child In the basement
    That child In the basement13 days ago

    skin: has green Fresh: BEST SKIN EVER

  • Boinkus Doinkus
    Boinkus Doinkus13 days ago

    Pickle fresh pickle rick

  • Morosov Benediq
    Morosov Benediq13 days ago

    Mark my words at the end of the season theres gonna be a nuke with ricks face on it thats gonna destroy the map and as its going down all you’re gonna hear is IM MISSILE RIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!

  • Pennywise Rex
    Pennywise Rex13 days ago

    Fresh is using Sypher’s music! 😲

  • Cezar Sorodoc
    Cezar Sorodoc13 days ago

    Why why me !!!!!!

  • Cezar Sorodoc
    Cezar Sorodoc13 days ago

    It feels terrible to not have the new battle pass I do not have the battle 😭😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞😤😤😤😤😖😖😖😫☹🙁😩☹🙁😢😞

  • Yoann Akohin
    Yoann Akohin13 days ago

    Epic boys

  • Dope Duck
    Dope Duck14 days ago

    When you lost your phone for a week and you have so many videos to catch up on

  • 韩彦飞
    韩彦飞14 days ago

    Anyone see toxic rick in the trailer

  • David Matthew G. Gabriel
    David Matthew G. Gabriel14 days ago

    It’s funny on how Rick and Morty isn’t even for kids

  • Milos Ostojic
    Milos Ostojic14 days ago

    3:52 my gosh its GoodTimesWirhScar timelapse music

  • yim yam yum
    yim yam yum14 days ago

    Guggimon is actually the mascot of a toy company called uuuum what was it I can't remember so just look up Guggimon and it'll speak for itself.

  • Rod Smith
    Rod Smith14 days ago

    My favourite colour is green

  • Frzyzx
    Frzyzx14 days ago

    We have Rick now we need Peter griffin

  • Cindy Tovar
    Cindy Tovar14 days ago

    Crainer beats you in subs

  • Aiden Mattingly
    Aiden Mattingly14 days ago

    does eneyone think that this kinda like season 1 where u got to chose what u got

  • tweezy YouTube
    tweezy YouTube14 days ago

    How u get it free

  • Rits Gaming
    Rits Gaming14 days ago

    Season 7 battle pass is SICK

  • MiNeCrAfT
    MiNeCrAfT14 days ago

    This game still sucks add will always suck. no-one can change my mind

  • Omar Gamal
    Omar Gamal14 days ago

    I’m sure Alia said good bye spire when the aliens picked it up

  • M Green
    M Green14 days ago

    My last name is green

  • Andrew Ambrose
    Andrew Ambrose14 days ago

    use code typicalgamer pls

  • david
    david14 days ago

    That chik is dr sloth

  • Zuhaila Farah
    Zuhaila Farah14 days ago

    Who else has THE BATTLE PASS

  • Wyatt Rowe
    Wyatt Rowe14 days ago

    gift me batll pase

  • Andie Robinson
    Andie Robinson14 days ago

    When he did the alien salute I remembered that people in school said since I could do that I was an alien

  • Garshawn Panther
    Garshawn Panther15 days ago

    The shaggy argument neurochemically concern because capricorn neurobiologically train inside a overt powder. ordinary, glistening glorious plastic

  • Taco
    Taco15 days ago

    They have to add pickle Rick as a style

  • PWills Bro
    PWills Bro15 days ago

    Fresh made a battle pass video over 10 minutes he broke the rules 😯

  • Wahida Bayan
    Wahida Bayan15 days ago

    Bruh nigga this is the best

  • Shadow James
    Shadow James15 days ago

    Poor foundation (spire gone now)

  • Bill Jenkerson
    Bill Jenkerson15 days ago

    Hello I’m your biggest fan

  • DZone Mat
    DZone Mat15 days ago

    I can already see THE THICHEST GREEN ALIEN

  • zain
    zain15 days ago

    araybic lol

  • Salam Naeem
    Salam Naeem15 days ago

    did lachlan seriosly say araybic

  • Aggelos Matianis
    Aggelos Matianis15 days ago

    The brown hair woman is the supervisor of jones

  • NandiB.
    NandiB.15 days ago

    Gogimon you s from tik tok

  • Aidan
    Aidan15 days ago

    When you think fortnite is about to die they come up with something like this

  • Gamil Com
    Gamil Com15 days ago

    Join Baby

  • DawoudGaming 13
    DawoudGaming 1315 days ago

    Imagine playing FORTBITE GATTY We Love FORTNITE

  • Ebrahim Baig
    Ebrahim Baig15 days ago

    Hey Guys You Know Fresh is never ever getting a skin in his whole life because he's just a sidekick for lazerbeam and when he got his skin he got a locker bundle, and the only reason epic gave him that was because the knew it would be hard to make a asian faced icon skin!

  • Adrian Nunez
    Adrian Nunez15 days ago

    FORTNITE stupid they should done this doing the area 51 raid

  • Tami Demaree
    Tami Demaree15 days ago

    yay ska made it to fortnite

  • Spartan Dust
    Spartan Dust15 days ago

    Did no one else realise super man was playing fortnite as batman

  • Loot llama Gaming
    Loot llama Gaming15 days ago

    Fresh Doctor Slone is John Jones boss she was in the story trailer last season

  • Victor_the_juice_wrld Fan
    Victor_the_juice_wrld Fan15 days ago

    MORTY MORTY LOOK IM IN FORTNITE WATCH ME CRANK 90s and box kids like a flipper

  • Devourer of gods Scourge of the universe
    Devourer of gods Scourge of the universe15 days ago

    Tbh the only cool battle pass skins Are Rick and superman

  • Isaeh Trapp
    Isaeh Trapp15 days ago

    Hi I watch your videos every day you are so good one day I want to be a USplan or just like you my fortnight name is Bezeeky and I’ll be able to have the battle pass because I only have this season four skins I’m all my friends is picking on me because I don’t have this season seven skins I don’t have so much kids so can you please do the better as I subscribed and hit the bell and never miss a video

  • tiky
    tiky15 days ago

    I love what you say in the beginning, I laugh every time I hear that

  • Rosa Isela Rodriguez
    Rosa Isela Rodriguez15 days ago

    i havent had the battle pass since season 4 seeing you guys buy the makes me sad

  • YtKing
    YtKing15 days ago

    0:55 Did anybody realize that Super-Man was playing fortnite with the Bat-Man locker

  • lj henry
    lj henry15 days ago

    Rick Is the best

  • lj henry

    lj henry

    15 days ago


  • Ismaeel Saleh
    Ismaeel Saleh15 days ago

    I think they should use cold laser because they made laser beam a gun

  • marley wyatt
    marley wyatt15 days ago

    The back bling on page five be looking like dark Samus from smash bros

  • Fayssal Belhaj
    Fayssal Belhaj15 days ago

    Evrybody who Is Reading This Comment Would Epic Put Back The Fresh and Reflex Bundle

  • Jake Clarke
    Jake Clarke15 days ago

    If I see one kid say is "that the fortnite guy" when wat hung rick and Morty

  • Hi pin me please other whise your cap
    Hi pin me please other whise your cap15 days ago

    Imagine he said Rick rolled lol COPY RIgHTED mUsiCcCcCCc

  • Luke Sanchez
    Luke Sanchez15 days ago

    I just realized in the trailer superman was playing fortnite and he was batman

  • tightwatgamer tightwatgamer
    tightwatgamer tightwatgamer15 days ago

    "there's an alien on Rick's head" Rick: Its called a bald spot don't be rude

  • Aaqib Altalib
    Aaqib Altalib15 days ago

    Oh well it’s confusing no doubt abt that

  • 10X Diamond
    10X Diamond15 days ago

    At 9:49, why couldn’t they call him “The Butter Bot”

  • Jeff Waller
    Jeff Waller15 days ago

    0:54 on the computer

  • TheOddCrewMate
    TheOddCrewMate15 days ago

    Fortnite: let’s GeT RicK Me: isn’t this game for like 12+ ?

  • tb2 gaming
    tb2 gaming15 days ago

    Do a challenge Fortnite without turbo building

  • Robrt Gamer
    Robrt Gamer15 days ago

    This season is the best and fortnite finally made a good collab and good season in chapter 2

  • Robrt Gamer
    Robrt Gamer15 days ago

    Yeah because you bought tiers ha

  • Mr wifies
    Mr wifies15 days ago

    why is super man playing with the batman skin when what happend in batman vs super man

  • Dahir Ahmed
    Dahir Ahmed15 days ago