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  • FreeFire é Foda
    FreeFire é FodaDay ago

    Fortnite é LIXO free fire muito mais melhor bando de lixo

  • Ttv vegeta
    Ttv vegetaDay ago

    Rick with Rick as a hammer

  • Luca sm
    Luca smDay ago

    3:54 ufo are damm trash, -fresh- few days later -hey guys today we will be using a ufo all game and he won- great 👍

  • Kaan Secilmis
    Kaan Secilmis2 days ago

    The scientific gas focally thank because baseball generally wander out a apathetic watchmaker. determined, careless tugboat

  • cool kid
    cool kid2 days ago

    I love your videos Fresh

  • Joseph Spencer
    Joseph Spencer3 days ago


  • nextaz x2 saien
    nextaz x2 saien3 days ago

    You ares the best

  • juliet imabeh
    juliet imabeh3 days ago

    6:35 Fresh: He’s tagged 180 Me: It was 107 actually

  • Bango
    Bango5 days ago

    Day 3 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys, no

  • Elizadiscoparty 111
    Elizadiscoparty 1115 days ago


  • Pushkal
    Pushkal8 days ago

    Do Legendary Ray Gun only challenge

  • No music Singing
    No music Singing8 days ago

    Fresh: I think the UFOs are damn trash 🤣😳

  • Danny Gamer!
    Danny Gamer!8 days ago

    Fresh using smart skills: anime weed plus fortnite nerd = anime nerd

  • Notclear Ice
    Notclear Ice8 days ago

    10:05 Fresh kind of sus

  • Teagen Branson
    Teagen Branson9 days ago

    I how fresh rages over the rail gun:)

  • Omar Sokkar
    Omar Sokkar9 days ago

    The ufos are dam trash, next day of season:ufos are broken

  • Hadley Wells
    Hadley Wells9 days ago

    Fortnite and the family

  • Hadley Wells

    Hadley Wells

    9 days ago


  • Gillian Shooter
    Gillian Shooter9 days ago


  • Levi Gauchier
    Levi Gauchier10 days ago

    Hail yea

  • Levi Gauchier
    Levi Gauchier10 days ago

    UFO can make a sky bridge with prop and boxes no more mats grinding

  • Jilter 1231
    Jilter 123110 days ago

    Jeff bezos commented then deleted it 5 minutes later dm me on twitter @jilter1231 for the screen shot also reply with your twitter

  • Amber Marie Lewis
    Amber Marie Lewis10 days ago

    Lol this was upload 6days ago and my phone literally just told me about it.

  • Athen Faylim official
    Athen Faylim official10 days ago

    4:22 lol 😂

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml10 days ago

    The moment he got yeeted from the ufo, he seemed so affended😂

  • Hawkie Findlater
    Hawkie Findlater10 days ago

    "I think the ufos are damn trash" Fresh 2021 (famous last words btw)

  • Stephanie pool and GOOD😇
    Stephanie pool and GOOD😇10 days ago

    Yo your littering big so you know that that’s already there are you just showing off or something

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    10 days ago

    can we talk about the hacks the guys got that killed fresh watch him 5:35

  • zehra
    zehra11 days ago

    New rail gun aka zapatron

  • Luis River
    Luis River11 days ago

    0:44 Her face tho xD

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl11 days ago

    this season is so fire i’m getting my switch back in 3 weeks poggers

  • Stepbrogoul
    Stepbrogoul11 days ago

    “This thing has been railing me every time”

  • Rzzlise
    Rzzlise11 days ago

    A idea:if you have the man that transforms into a woman alien you can do the emote and the person who's attacking you might not know

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    11 days ago

    1:46 😂💀

  • Plushy
    Plushy11 days ago

    People complaining about meds being overpowered and leaving the game: 👎 People loving op spaceships and everyone coming back to the game: 👍

  • Haiden booth
    Haiden booth12 days ago

    Rail gun to over powered

  • Jason Charlestortorpedo
    Jason Charlestortorpedo12 days ago

    DR slone can​ clone

  • Kaleb Diamante
    Kaleb Diamante12 days ago

    Llama ar living in harmony roaming around

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo12 days ago

    “This thing has been railing me every time” -fresh

  • Noahtheshark Melonhead
    Noahtheshark Melonhead12 days ago

    Dam nice snipes or rails?

  • Noahtheshark Melonhead
    Noahtheshark Melonhead12 days ago

    He hates the rail gun but then when he gets is

  • Noahtheshark Melonhead
    Noahtheshark Melonhead12 days ago


  • yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    12 days ago

    USplan commited on this video their age of channel 51 hmmm they know more than we do

  • Mozzzie AU
    Mozzzie AU12 days ago

    Make the rail gun mythic

  • Get Noped
    Get Noped12 days ago

    9:50 Fresh: “why is everyone a pro gamer” Also fresh: is a pro gamer

  • The Fbi

    The Fbi

    6 days ago

    @dcoog anml i disagreed but I like it

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    10 days ago

    this season is so fire i’m getting my switch back in 3 weeks poggers

  • James Earl
    James Earl12 days ago

    can we talk about the hacks the guys got that killed fresh watch him 5:35

  • RyryGamer
    RyryGamer12 days ago

    4:05, fresh thinks ufo is trash. Present Day, They Need to vault ufo

  • Alisa
    Alisa12 days ago

    I didn’t even get the raven skin from the battle pass on because It got so boring I don’t think I’m getting the battle pass tbh

  • Lingo
    Lingo12 days ago

    When he siad this thing is wayyy bigger than I thought I laughed so hard cuz the scene was perfect

  • bolibompa boi
    bolibompa boi12 days ago

    my dream is to play with u and like its my dream to have u and lazar as a friend but its just never gonna happen

  • GGALAN13 Gamming
    GGALAN13 Gamming12 days ago

    1:46 😂💀

  • William Somers
    William Somers12 days ago

    Rail gun shots throw walls

  • Martin B
    Martin B12 days ago

    0:35 Thats what she said

  • Mustafa Al-Ameri
    Mustafa Al-Ameri13 days ago

    no it is not

  • Magda Macari
    Magda Macari13 days ago

    Fresh I don't have the battle pass for this seonon I'm subbed and like ur vids and my friends laughs at me because I don't have it 😔😔😔 pls can u gift it to me epic name mandalorian1515

  • Max Circle guy
    Max Circle guy13 days ago

    U was on 1hp an 40 shield

  • Ryan Yu gi oh
    Ryan Yu gi oh13 days ago

    I swear the last time I rember watching a Fortnite video is when you and lazarbeam where playing competitive daily duo tournaments

  • Melissa kuntz
    Melissa kuntz13 days ago

    USplan commited on this video their age of channel 51 hmmm they know more than we do

  • Petar Petrovic
    Petar Petrovic13 days ago

    When fresh dont jave his skin he cant to get wins and kills in new seson

  • Haşhaşella
    Haşhaşella13 days ago

    Charging the railgun doesnt deal more damage if you click and not hold you shoot as soon as possible

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    13 days ago

    Kevin the cube is powering the big UFO

  • Bob Henry
    Bob Henry13 days ago

    *This thing has been railing me every time* he says. Isn’t that a bit weird?

  • Sebastian Bartholf
    Sebastian Bartholf13 days ago

    You know the people are sweats when Fresh has a trouble getting a dub...

  • Timmy_ixl
    Timmy_ixl13 days ago

    Why you sey in every video "Whats upp guys yes"

  • Dhruv Batra
    Dhruv Batra13 days ago

    What is this rail gun it has such an high atack damagae 😂

  • DarkShadow
    DarkShadow13 days ago

    10:04 that's why it's called the rail gun it rails you until death if your bad XD

  • cam hall
    cam hall13 days ago

    See this is why I’m switching to Apex Legends bc of the Rail Run

  • The White tophat
    The White tophat13 days ago

    They predicted the ufos with flying boats what a legend

  • Brady TV
    Brady TV13 days ago


  • David Osose Uduehi
    David Osose Uduehi13 days ago

    Poor dude doesn’t understand the op rail gun

  • Monica Farmer
    Monica Farmer13 days ago

    Doctor slone then in titanfall 2 the boss is slone

  • Teresa Foxy
    Teresa Foxy13 days ago

    fresh why do you buy levels you dont need to your so good

  • Ali2010
    Ali201013 days ago

    I love when he got hit the railgun

  • Márk Kasuba
    Márk Kasuba13 days ago

    You are Survivor the fall damage on 1hp :O Are you so luckey!!!

  • Jack Mason
    Jack Mason13 days ago

    0:36 that's what she said

  • Got em

    Got em

    12 days ago


  • Rolando Garcia
    Rolando Garcia13 days ago


  • Syrus Smith
    Syrus Smith13 days ago

    Kevin the cube is powering the big UFO

  • John Rundell
    John Rundell13 days ago

    The guiltless tiger contextually cry because pelican behaviorally fix including a disgusted thing. sad, pointless slave

  • Konrad Hardin
    Konrad Hardin13 days ago

    Rail guns are the most powerful weapons in the game

  • Zolton Knight
    Zolton Knight13 days ago

    this thing is way bigger than I thought thats what she said

  • Baldua Inc
    Baldua Inc14 days ago

    Season 7 is dead mate

  • Xander Tom
    Xander Tom14 days ago

    The purple is the Aliens

  • Elvardo Ambrister
    Elvardo Ambrister14 days ago

    Fresh's Quote: we automatically win cause this thing was *railing* me this hole time.

  • cqvio doli

    cqvio doli

    13 days ago

    The rail gun is literally a unibeam that does headshot damage and doesnt have a 30 sec cooldown.fkn op.

  • R.G.
    R.G.14 days ago

    8:29 you hear fresh banning his elbow on his desk/keyboard

    THE SA'U SIBLINGS14 days ago

    i love your videose

    THE SA'U SIBLINGS14 days ago

    nice fresh gg

  • Subzero 1252
    Subzero 125214 days ago

    you put pule rifle twice

  • LaDarius Jackson
    LaDarius Jackson14 days ago


  • David Bloom
    David Bloom14 days ago


  • James Livingston
    James Livingston14 days ago

    41 hp win lolololol

    FRENZY14 days ago

    What’s up guys NO

  • Tommy
    Tommy14 days ago

    1 hp

  • unstopabl gameing
    unstopabl gameing14 days ago

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa you said the spider was sucked up into the UFO no it was nuclear bomb

  • blue xyt
    blue xyt14 days ago

    fresh: there is an anime nerd! also fresh: wearing an anime skin.

  • vDxrant


    13 days ago

    It’s not anime 😐

  • cqvio doli
    cqvio doli14 days ago

    “This thing has been railing me every time” -fresh

  • nijuo joing

    nijuo joing

    13 days ago

    “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me” (John 14:6) -Jesus

  • Maylord Mallo
    Maylord Mallo14 days ago

    Rail guns shoot trough walls its a charge sniper

    XXXNOTFAIZANRAX14 days ago

    10:39 you sound like mongraal

  • Dankcully 1231
    Dankcully 123114 days ago

    The railgun is the new zapatron

  • Dankcully 1231

    Dankcully 1231

    14 days ago

    @cqvio doli idk fortnite are idiots

  • cqvio doli

    cqvio doli

    14 days ago

    I don't get why railguns are op and nefr them

    LUCA IACONO14 days ago


  • The Rohan
    The Rohan14 days ago

    Oh you know rick and Mitty about to break the fourth wall and reference how they ended up in fortnite

  • BlaziN Gaming
    BlaziN Gaming14 days ago

    Holy clutch at the end!

  • Fizify
    Fizify14 days ago

    Can I get 1K before 2022? 👑💯

  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton14 days ago


  • Yellow Brick
    Yellow Brick14 days ago

    The rail gun is basically a rebooted Zapotron

  • Jan Sniady
    Jan Sniady14 days ago

    Fresh said ufo’s suck. Wrong!