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  • Phantom
    Phantom8 days ago

    I love how everyone is being so emotional, but I’m over here saying it was probably one of the worse seasons in chapter 2

  • Acergamer
    Acergamer12 days ago

    RIP Season 6

  • Grace Ramirez
    Grace Ramirez12 days ago

    R.I.P season 6 but better season now 😊

  • Katherine Elmer-Gray
    Katherine Elmer-Gray12 days ago


  • Barney George
    Barney George13 days ago

    "the best of season 6" fortnite is dead now

  • Michael King
    Michael King14 days ago

    The new season is season 7

  • Cadán Coburn
    Cadán Coburn14 days ago

    Remember when Lazarbeam and fresh played minecraft and fresh named his horse Yes😂😂

  • Alejandrosanchez827
    Alejandrosanchez82714 days ago

    Dude play warzone

  • yunus!
    yunus!14 days ago

    0:53, is no one gonna talk about how the camera hit the door 😂

  • Emmanuel Custer
    Emmanuel Custer14 days ago

    boneless-bike fresh wanna play

  • Faze BMR
    Faze BMR15 days ago

    oh my god [

  • Lil awesomeness Pro
    Lil awesomeness Pro15 days ago

    Dramatic music then death

  • niwa shewry
    niwa shewry15 days ago

    make this comment famous

  • tony kegg
    tony kegg15 days ago

    Whats up guys, and today...

  • USMC*Sarge
    USMC*Sarge15 days ago

    Why is this such sad music ☹️

  • Scrubz
    Scrubz15 days ago

    S6 was the worst since ch1 s7 and 8

  • Supertex P
    Supertex P15 days ago

    What’s up guys yes today I’m am going to show you all the clips of me saying what’s ups guy yes

  • mido mayadoo
    mido mayadoo15 days ago

    Was up guys YES

  • Lucas Brown
    Lucas Brown15 days ago

    This Video should of been 1 minute long ,chapter 2 season 6 wasn’t great

  • Soul knight Doggo
    Soul knight Doggo15 days ago

    What’s up guys yes but repetition

  • Pragadeesh.K
    Pragadeesh.K16 days ago

    Try warzone bud

  • Lisha Rickey
    Lisha Rickey16 days ago

    Why is the beginning so sad with sad music

  • Jed A
    Jed A16 days ago

    Who's watching this during season 7👽

  • Silence FN
    Silence FN16 days ago

    Bro this video made me cry 😭

  • Willem Scott
    Willem Scott16 days ago

    Do you spell tires “tyres” in Australia?

  • BlinkOnceifyougay
    BlinkOnceifyougay16 days ago

    Fresh promotes fortnite better than Epic games lol

  • James Gregory
    James Gregory16 days ago

    On April fools he got me

  • Ian Beh Yi Shan
    Ian Beh Yi Shan16 days ago

    Hah same

  • Anand Renu
    Anand Renu16 days ago

    Anyone saw the default emoting the spire assassin 5:00

  • Harlan Brokenshire
    Harlan Brokenshire16 days ago

    I mean season 7 is crazzzy!!!!!!!!

  • banana army
    banana army16 days ago

    The best of season 6 me thinking the vidio is only 1second

  • USMC*Sarge
    USMC*Sarge16 days ago


  • Dx Dx6
    Dx Dx616 days ago

    Bruh season 7 has a gun that's a copy from apex's charge rifle

  • Thè Dèvil
    Thè Dèvil16 days ago

    What's up guys us: go- fresh:yes

  • Colin Desilets
    Colin Desilets16 days ago

    The best of season 6 was nothing

  • Nikstar112
    Nikstar11217 days ago

    I loved the turrets

  • Nikstar112
    Nikstar11217 days ago

    MrFreshAsian never hearts comments

  • Nikstar112
    Nikstar11217 days ago

    MrFreshAsian never pins comments

  • Nikstar112
    Nikstar11217 days ago

    Fresh never hearts comments

  • Nikstar112
    Nikstar11217 days ago

    Fresh never pins comments

  • Nikstar112
    Nikstar11217 days ago

    Me: tries to get top comment Verified USplanrs: imma end this mans career

  • Nikstar112
    Nikstar11217 days ago

    Can everyone plz say nice things in the comments of my vids

  • Nikstar112
    Nikstar11217 days ago

    Can I get famous off this comment

  • Silas Morgan
    Silas Morgan17 days ago

    What’s up guys NO

  • I is Stupidity
    I is Stupidity17 days ago

    I watched the whole thing.

  • rheyd mewett
    rheyd mewett17 days ago

    I already miss season six

  • Jayden Ho
    Jayden Ho17 days ago

    7:47 the hp

  • Sebastian Martinez
    Sebastian Martinez17 days ago

    Bro the new battle pass is fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • AutismWA ICT
    AutismWA ICT17 days ago


  • Joshaun Barclay
    Joshaun Barclay17 days ago

    We shall all miss season 6 but we will love season 7

  • James
    James17 days ago

    Rip season 6

  • Hesham Loutfy
    Hesham Loutfy17 days ago

    We where all waitng for you season 7

  • It’s me patches Dreams cat
    It’s me patches Dreams cat17 days ago

    I love how it’s no voices it’s just music...

  • Sadaf basit
    Sadaf basit17 days ago

    What’s up GUYS POWER

  • Sadaf basit
    Sadaf basit17 days ago

    Fresh please be my older brother

  • 24kv_bxs
    24kv_bxs17 days ago

    farewell, season 6

  • Alfyris
    Alfyris17 days ago

    Whats up guys yes

  • Etxlyツ
    Etxlyツ17 days ago

    who misses the old intro?

  • H Le
    H Le17 days ago

    Il miss this season

  • Osvaldo Arellano
    Osvaldo Arellano17 days ago

    The new season came check it out

  • Isaac Ehan
    Isaac Ehan17 days ago

    im so excited for sesason 7

  • Isaac Ehan
    Isaac Ehan17 days ago

    im will miss season 6

  • SshadOw
    SshadOw17 days ago

    Fresh: I love u Lannan Me: u gay bro?

  • Mousìer
    Mousìer17 days ago

    I’m going to miss session 6 soooooooooooo much

  • geniusranks
    geniusranks17 days ago

    Fresh can you add me on fortnight🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Ademola
    Ademola17 days ago

    Goodbye season 6 u will be missed

  • Anand vaidya
    Anand vaidya17 days ago

    I used ur code in item shop fresh

  • Mokahking Max
    Mokahking Max17 days ago

    What’s up guys no I am not crying

  • PandyDimpy
    PandyDimpy17 days ago

    this season is one of the weirdest but special also with brand new crafting and stuff, definitely 1 of the most memorable although some hate the primal shotty

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is me17 days ago


  • MRduggie
    MRduggie17 days ago

    If the boys got me let’s get this comment up to 1000. Rip season 6

  • herbZX
    herbZX17 days ago

    Here in s7

  • A-TRIX
    A-TRIX17 days ago

    Guys. Season7 is here

  • A-TRIX
    A-TRIX17 days ago

    And they added super man

  • A-TRIX
    A-TRIX17 days ago

    Guys. Season7 is here

  • Dannyarronschild
    Dannyarronschild17 days ago

    U got ligma


    I wish the person who are reading this comment may your parents alive for 100 years. Love you all ❤️❤️

  • Jonathan Richardson
    Jonathan Richardson17 days ago

    New season looks sick let’s go

  • Natsu Dragneel069
    Natsu Dragneel06917 days ago

    we welcome season 7 chapter 2!

  • Natsu Dragneel069
    Natsu Dragneel06917 days ago

    in loving memory season 6 chapter 2

  • X D
    X D17 days ago

    It felt like season6 started yesterday and already finished today

  • infinite forever
    infinite forever17 days ago

    Epic Id : NGF_Yojit

  • infinite forever
    infinite forever17 days ago

    Fresh pls gift me this season battle pass,pls I don't even have a battle pass of any season

  • bendy the dancing demon
    bendy the dancing demon17 days ago

    Who else here isa smol channel eh? i am still and have been for 2 years 7 subs IM NOT GIVING UP AND NEITHER IS ANY OF YOU SMOL CHANNELS OUT THERE

  • Cydne Gee
    Cydne Gee17 days ago

    Superman's in bows are out

  • Cucumber2012
    Cucumber201217 days ago

    I loved season 6

  • Axel Martinez
    Axel Martinez17 days ago

    I'll miss season 6😢😢

  • Atharva Deshmukh
    Atharva Deshmukh17 days ago

    You dropped your Pickle!

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris17 days ago

    He love season 6

  • Taha Ali
    Taha Ali17 days ago

    Tickets to Emotional Rolercoaster here!

    HAIDER SHAHZAD17 days ago

    Great cinematic style fresh I boy

  • Chance Jett
    Chance Jett17 days ago

    Got me wit the goodbye

  • Flow Playz
    Flow Playz17 days ago

    Anyone hear just before the release?

  • YeeT_dogo
    YeeT_dogo17 days ago

    so dramatic at the start

  • ty six
    ty six17 days ago

    harley anlong campbell you the best

  • white pencil
    white pencil17 days ago


  • James Ngames
    James Ngames17 days ago


  • James Ngames
    James Ngames17 days ago

    Lol I actually believed u were waiting fortnite when I saw that video

  • The Giga Blade
    The Giga Blade17 days ago


  • Lil Boat
    Lil Boat17 days ago

    Fresh only has 7M subs guy sub to fresh