The *RANDOM* ANIMAL Challenge!




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  • Jacked Jake
    Jacked Jake3 hours ago

    I like how fresh said dog house when he said “the literal dog house”

  • David Burnell
    David Burnell2 days ago

    Already watching this in chapter 2 season 7

  • David Burnell
    David Burnell2 days ago

    You can tell fresh dropped out of school he put chickin but it’s chicken

  • Sowjanya Reddy
    Sowjanya Reddy3 days ago


  • Blake Buchanan
    Blake Buchanan7 days ago

    Fresh I can only get loot from dog houses Also fresh gets big pot uses it

  • Delgado Liam
    Delgado Liam7 days ago

    Lol pickle gorilla

  • Danette N.
    Danette N.8 days ago

    Idk if Rex and fumingo r animals because they r pretending to be animals

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero10 days ago

    Do a one gun challenge

  • Kristin LaBorg
    Kristin LaBorg10 days ago

    I use ur code You are AMAZING wish I could add you

  • Alysha Menzing
    Alysha Menzing11 days ago

    Fresh you so epic

  • Col In45
    Col In4511 days ago

    2:23 me laughing so hard

  • Amanda Flintoft
    Amanda Flintoft14 days ago

    Add me fresh and lazerbean

  • Lamai Firestone
    Lamai Firestone15 days ago

    The first game when you died that guy shot a AR as fast as a mini gun

  • Emyli Ava
    Emyli Ava16 days ago

    The superficial buzzard maternally divide because can interspecifically squeeze apropos a savory kangaroo. parsimonious, enormous attack

  • JRK
    JRK16 days ago

    Did anyone notice how after he had ten health he paused the vid and he randomly had 55 health he cheated 😂 and I did the math he used bandages 😂

  • XxyoutubekidxX243
    XxyoutubekidxX24316 days ago

    The "what's up guys I yes" intro doesn't get old

  • Ariellys Quintana
    Ariellys Quintana17 days ago

    Bircbuxrbus ueuydjrh i

  • Iced Dude2007
    Iced Dude200717 days ago


  • Oyun Koşucusu
    Oyun Koşucusu18 days ago

    Fresh: gets rex and tames raptors Also Fresh: kills animals to get meat

  • smith helen
    smith helen18 days ago

    The overt justice advantageously employ because believe family learn toward a scary parent. classy, elfin shoemaker

  • Neelix Jansson
    Neelix Jansson18 days ago

    Pls part two please like so fresh sees

  • Abylssence
    Abylssence19 days ago

    Your mom should be on this challenge

  • Samuel Pattinson
    Samuel Pattinson20 days ago

    Hey there is a dog house at lazy lake

  • Gamer 123
    Gamer 12321 day ago

    There is a dog chest at compatcatlrs

  • Ngt Raven
    Ngt Raven21 day ago


  • Lisa Wright
    Lisa Wright21 day ago


  • The citrus lime studio's
    The citrus lime studio's21 day ago


  • Gold will Man07
    Gold will Man0721 day ago

    Your the king 🤴of fortnight fresh

  • H1PN0515
    H1PN051522 days ago

    Theres another doghouse where a chest spawns 50/50 at the place where the dummy npc spawns

  • Katie lynn
    Katie lynn22 days ago

    Chests do spawn at retails dog house

  • Archie Gordon-Smith
    Archie Gordon-Smith22 days ago

    There are dog houses at holly and lazy and 75 percent of the time they do spawn in-

  • Atreyu Fischer
    Atreyu Fischer22 days ago

    Where is the shark

  • vennix
    vennix22 days ago

    Junk junction also has a dog house with loot

  • arbor
    arbor23 days ago


  • The Memph
    The Memph23 days ago

    hey fresh used my skin doggo and he got a win!!!

  • Sam Sunny
    Sam Sunny25 days ago

    cant you upgrade fresh ?????

  • Relix RNJX Lex
    Relix RNJX Lex25 days ago

    What about kit

    M4Y_GLITCH26 days ago

    Fresh wot your discord name

  • Vicente Munoz
    Vicente Munoz26 days ago

    I play on switch and I am God but I can't be like you and I sud 💚

  • Aisaia Toreresi
    Aisaia Toreresi27 days ago

    the shoty that famingo has was the shoty never put the game but leaked alot

  • Caleb Granville
    Caleb Granville27 days ago

    holly has a chest lol

  • Zach Conners
    Zach Conners28 days ago

    Technically flamingos can't fly

  • Evan Weston
    Evan Weston29 days ago

    Fresh uses his old skin for his intro but uses instinct for the actual video

  • Evo1d Specs
    Evo1d SpecsMonth ago

    Evo1d Specs

  • Y     E       E
    Y E EMonth ago

    on the flamingo you could just build pyramids on the ground all the time

  • Marcelin Vaidyanathan
    Marcelin VaidyanathanMonth ago

    I just love hearing,What sup guys yes

  • V. Sai Jashwanth Reddy
    V. Sai Jashwanth ReddyMonth ago

    little does he know that u only have a smg

  • Blueness
    BluenessMonth ago

    Epic my dude Yet for lazar bum

  • Gavin Meidinger
    Gavin MeidingerMonth ago

    On the third one look at how many parts and bones he had

  • Keli ShaVal123
    Keli ShaVal123Month ago

    Only Fresh 😌

  • Cranky llama
    Cranky llamaMonth ago


  • Striker
    StrikerMonth ago

    Dog houses: Retail Row, Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, Holly Hedges

  • Molten
    MoltenMonth ago

    I've seen chests spawn in that dog house before

  • Bendy Toons
    Bendy ToonsMonth ago

    This is the definition of, YESSIR

  • Roaen Odom
    Roaen OdomMonth ago

    bro it does spon at retail

  • Sarah Rich
    Sarah RichMonth ago

    Imagine going to retail to not get anything

  • Alexandru Zarcu
    Alexandru ZarcuMonth ago

    There was a dog house at lazy too🏡

  • suga kookie
    suga kookieMonth ago

    What about Harley fresh

  • BryceKrispy #Shorts
    BryceKrispy #ShortsMonth ago

    There is a dog house at lazy lake

  • Juliet Pepper
    Juliet PepperMonth ago

    Am i the only one who’s fresh that flamingos don’t fly

  • Juliet Pepper
    Juliet PepperMonth ago

    Am i the only one who’s fresh that flamingos don’t fly

  • Faris .A
    Faris .AMonth ago

    Plz part 2 that was easily one of ur best vids man

  • Lazar Lava
    Lazar LavaMonth ago

    Freshly boi

  • Dawn Faragher
    Dawn FaragherMonth ago

    One sounds at junk punishing

  • Eils Gibney
    Eils GibneyMonth ago

    I’m a monkey

  • James Mitchell
    James MitchellMonth ago

    What a great birthday present for the 17th

  • Justice Ngalle
    Justice NgalleMonth ago

    fresh forgetting flamingos don't fly


    Chest does spawn in the retail dog house... it was the 50% chest spawn

  • Krystle Harrison
    Krystle HarrisonMonth ago

    If only he knew about the doghouse chest spawn at compact cars

  • Sophia Higgins
    Sophia HigginsMonth ago

    How is freash so good (i started s7 and i suck) :)

  • Ádám Vörös
    Ádám VörösMonth ago

    Did he forget about I Holly?

  • Trashboat
    TrashboatMonth ago

    Didn't even have Fennix or Polar Patroller lame

  • timotej
    timotejMonth ago

    lazy dog house,H house dog house,pp dog house,

  • Patrick Malahide
    Patrick MalahideMonth ago

    "0:45" ”this is the thing u need.” 𝟮𝟭𝘃𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘀˳𝗰𝗼𝗺ˑ 😏ˑ ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

  • The Dustin Egg
    The Dustin EggMonth ago

    "0:45" ”this is the thing u need.” 𝟮𝟭𝘃𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘀˳𝗰𝗼𝗺ˑ 😏ˑ ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

    AMAAR IMRANMonth ago

    u forgot peely btw im high rn

  • Lmanyugi
    LmanyugiMonth ago

    There’s a dog house at lazy lake

  • Adam Hetzner
    Adam HetznerMonth ago

    There is also a dog house chest spawn at compact cars

  • Stephanie Szoke
    Stephanie SzokeMonth ago


  • Crumpet Fn
    Crumpet FnMonth ago

    The dog house at holly does have a chest actually so does the retail dog house

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob MartinMonth ago

    There’s a dog house chest spawn in lazy you bot


    "What's up guys yes" love when he says that

  • Rachel Fogle
    Rachel FogleMonth ago

    Shout out plz IAM subscribed and notafacations on I love you ,Lazerbeam,your girlfriend not like like , lazer beam girlfriend not like like

  • Rachel Fogle
    Rachel FogleMonth ago

    Can I get a shout out on your channel , you should stay doing that IAM subcrided plz can I get a shout out

  • MR_VER
    MR_VERMonth ago


  • Caleb Tafe
    Caleb TafeMonth ago


  • Cutie Kylasia
    Cutie KylasiaMonth ago

    Yo Like what she said

  • Erniedoggy
    ErniedoggyMonth ago


  • BowieHall
    BowieHallMonth ago

    you'd think someone who plays fn 24/7 would know that there's a dog house at holly and lazy

  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah SmithMonth ago

    I subbed, turned on all notifications! My Epic Username is T0ECRUST Use his code! Much love

  • Goyam Jain
    Goyam JainMonth ago

    9:36 Fresh : we got someone right down below us Foundation : I will appreciate some help? ooooo...... Nvm u are going. Bye! I am justttt... Gonna sit here I guess?

  • Shadow Phantom
    Shadow PhantomMonth ago

    Is there dog houses in lazy lake

  • Austin Huang
    Austin HuangMonth ago

    Did you realize that fresh got 11th place the first both rounds

  • Jaydeep Bheda
    Jaydeep BhedaMonth ago


  • E-_-xcited
    E-_-xcitedMonth ago

    There are actually two dog houses with a chest in them at holly

  • Josiah Moses
    Josiah MosesMonth ago

    Meaw meaw

  • Vedanth Chintala
    Vedanth ChintalaMonth ago


  • Blinx.
    Blinx.Month ago

    There are 2 dog houses in holy that have a chest

  • NEVIN N.
    NEVIN N.Month ago

    isnt llama a animal. what the

  • Timo Isken
    Timo IskenMonth ago

    What is that pickaxe named man someone help