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  • James Galasso
    James Galasso17 hours ago

    You’re a noob fresh

  • Austine Obiezewani
    Austine ObiezewaniDay ago

    Fresh u are cracked

  • Bango
    Bango4 days ago

    Day 4 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys, no

  • Hagen Brown
    Hagen Brown5 days ago

    mans lying about 3 wins in a row whenever it’s on round 4

  • tony Murphy
    tony Murphy5 days ago

    Moral matttttttt sweat man yopicklman can you leac the mach

  • Samuel Siryani
    Samuel Siryani6 days ago

    Bruh check ur self again

  • Malak Ammar
    Malak Ammar6 days ago

    4:17 u never mentioned the sniper :(

  • Kristin Grimshaw
    Kristin Grimshaw9 days ago

    I no

  • Eathan Hawco
    Eathan Hawco10 days ago

    it is so crazy thar is badddddddddddddddd loudouts

  • Eathan Hawco
    Eathan Hawco10 days ago

    bro i just saw this the loudouts omg

  • D0G JU1CE
    D0G JU1CE11 days ago

    Fresh: using pickle gorilla Me: WHAT THIS IS A SCAM HE IS FAKE HE IS NOT USING PICKLE RICK!!!

  • Avocado Kid
    Avocado Kid11 days ago

    Shout out plsss

  • Rahela Begum
    Rahela Begum11 days ago

    Fresh can you add my rizzay89

  • Instant Milk
    Instant Milk11 days ago

    Lmao this is the best Ltm we had 7 wins in a row is that a record for this ltm

  • Classy Lady
    Classy Lady12 days ago

    You are so good I love it 😁😁😁😉

  • William afton
    William afton12 days ago

    Season five we survived season six swing and miss season seven armigeadon fortnite just getting trash

  • Jefferson Guardado
    Jefferson Guardado12 days ago

    If you have that dance people on capital police I have a money that’s dance I have a task for me

  • James
    James13 days ago

    Fresh: I’m so good at this game. other players I don’t want to play this guy is to sweaty 🤣🤣

  • Kristy Crews
    Kristy Crews16 days ago

    Give me the battle pass

  • يب يب
    يب يب16 days ago

    I am using Visa on my account and my account has been stolen How can I cancel the payment method??

  • Samer Azab
    Samer Azab17 days ago

    hey fresh your videos are so awesome

  • Jeriel Baide
    Jeriel Baide17 days ago

    bro the sweatiest mode is arena lol stop clickbating

  • Gage Brewer
    Gage Brewer18 days ago

    Excuse me the charge is not bad it's just bot the best in some situations

  • Kenneth Villamizar
    Kenneth Villamizar18 days ago


  • Earth Channel492
    Earth Channel49219 days ago

    Who herd him say RPG instead of SMG? 😂

  • Pro seb 8
    Pro seb 819 days ago


  • Antonios yt
    Antonios yt19 days ago

    Bro that’s my emot

  • cute fruit
    cute fruit19 days ago

    The ape skin has a bigger hitbox than the normal skin

  • Shain Sparhawk
    Shain Sparhawk19 days ago

    How dare him say the charge is bad it is amazing

  • VyperByt3
    VyperByt319 days ago

    Fresh: the charge shot gun is trash! Also fresh with a charge shotgun: now this is the load out you want to see!

  • Azeen gaming
    Azeen gaming19 days ago

    Fresh:charge shotgun trash Fresh again:gets a charge shotgun and says:this is the load out

    IMMORTAL__ UV20 days ago


  • I’m dream I promise
    I’m dream I promise20 days ago

    I hate you fresh

  • Faze_auraplaxys


    19 days ago

    What did he do to you

  • ItsJustTiff
    ItsJustTiff20 days ago

    Did anyone else see the team of 4 in round 3

  • Mayra Zarate
    Mayra Zarate20 days ago

    Fresh: ok got her :the player: BOI I AM A BOY GET YOUR GIRLS AND BOYS RIGHT

  • no one Jynx
    no one Jynx20 days ago


  • Zach fortnite God
    Zach fortnite God20 days ago

    So squading fresh who cares

  • Toby and friends 2
    Toby and friends 220 days ago

    Quit fortnite

  • Sydney Saso
    Sydney Saso20 days ago

    The cut clock scilly employ because authority invariably ruin but a zesty policeman. black-and-white, foolish lyocell

  • Bored_king
    Bored_king20 days ago

    But you were in the World Cup how did you lose

  • Matt Mcintire
    Matt Mcintire20 days ago


  • Sharron Henry
    Sharron Henry20 days ago


  • Ratheartz Gaming
    Ratheartz Gaming20 days ago

    It’s a team mode. What did you expect. Your supposed to have teammates

  • Deidre Smith
    Deidre Smith21 day ago

    Fresh : the charge so bad Fresh: load out ya wanna see holds Gold charge shotgun. Like could you have a valid opinion for once

  • KiNgCaShMoR428
    KiNgCaShMoR42821 day ago

    So fire bro...always🤙

  • Sam Pyper
    Sam Pyper21 day ago

    There should be siphon and 10 tick storm

  • Game King
    Game King21 day ago

    Fresh by like this is a sweaty Game mode sike yourba sweat

  • bobby blues
    bobby blues21 day ago


  • Tamaakk
    Tamaakk22 days ago

    It’s OCE tho how can it be sweaty

  • Call of duty gamer
    Call of duty gamer22 days ago


  • Marjorie Jenkins
    Marjorie Jenkins22 days ago

    The needless crow surely scrub because branch complimentarily mourn from a unnatural beer. clumsy, unusual division

  • Marjorie Jenkins
    Marjorie Jenkins22 days ago

    The numerous calendar grossly decay because pipe evidently deliver behind a old playroom. abject, swanky lute

  • SmittenDrop6706
    SmittenDrop670622 days ago

    I love this game mode and it is sweaty

  • Eric Esquivel
    Eric Esquivel22 days ago

    So luky!,!,!,!,!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Esquivel
    Eric Esquivel22 days ago

    I was in fresh game

  • Knight
    Knight22 days ago

    Actually 1v16

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark22 days ago

    Fresh: i HATE the charge Also Fresh: Yay gold charge

  • Jimmy Smith
    Jimmy Smith22 days ago

    fresh i have a tip for you if you turn in to the gorilla beast boy it has a bigger hit box it has been proven.

  • Happysock11
    Happysock1122 days ago

    On this episode of bullying kids...

  • Leland Pryor
    Leland Pryor22 days ago

    To be honest I like the old version of this game mode better

  • kakashi the last prince
    kakashi the last prince22 days ago

    Fresh: i am bad (him a god in fortnite 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌) love ya fresh ( i spelled bad that is why it is edited)

  • Annette Marines
    Annette Marines22 days ago


  • DonCrafts1
    DonCrafts122 days ago

    I remember when Fresh was the sweat in Lazarbum's videos who spoke a bit timidly

  • Corny Cobberson
    Corny Cobberson23 days ago


  • Control Game
    Control Game23 days ago


  • Little Octavio
    Little Octavio23 days ago

    The conscious yacht preclinically itch because guitar startlingly reign abaft a aboard trowel. mature, probable field

  • Tayananthan Raja Segaran
    Tayananthan Raja Segaran23 days ago

    The thumbnail says that it is 1 vs 20. But there are total of 5 teams including fresh so, it is 1 vs 16. Fresh you got your math wrong and i know you are a high school dropout but this is simple maths mate

  • Cruz O
    Cruz O23 days ago

    Me before I click on the video oh dropwave

  • Emerson Orazem
    Emerson Orazem23 days ago

    You had 26 kills

  • Toxicφ
    Toxicφ23 days ago

    Thare is a new swTy game mode

  • Brain Buffet
    Brain Buffet23 days ago

    This is an amazing LTM!

  • Samar Anan
    Samar Anan23 days ago

    you're soo bad

  • hungerquest 786
    hungerquest 78623 days ago

    People like thses are the reason why no one plays fortnite anymore

  • verriecherrie
    verriecherrie23 days ago

    i actually love the charge shotgun. wish they'd bring it back bc all the sweats don't know how to use it lol

  • Faith Stahr
    Faith Stahr23 days ago

    I just hide in a car

  • Tahj T
    Tahj T23 days ago

    Bro that Raz at the end was more than ready to suicide😭😭

  • Anne W
    Anne W23 days ago

    My kill record is 25

  • Liam KUTELLA
    Liam KUTELLA23 days ago

    ummmm 13 people left the match... 16-14 equals 2 not 3........

  • gamer_boy789
    gamer_boy78923 days ago

    They all bots

  • Avery Johns
    Avery Johns23 days ago

    Fresh your cracked.

  • Clxudy Plays
    Clxudy Plays23 days ago

    U sound like laser beam-

  • Elijah Ofori
    Elijah Ofori23 days ago

    my my my

  • Janae Wallace
    Janae Wallace23 days ago

    don't feel bad the toxic kids left

  • Jonah Lam
    Jonah Lam23 days ago

    This Ltm is the best me and my squad won three in a row

  • Innes Adams
    Innes Adams24 days ago

    music is a little loud

  • eddie chang
    eddie chang24 days ago

    The best streetcar preferentially fetch because stomach summatively fence with a aware cake. worried, worthless corn

  • myles kuehner
    myles kuehner24 days ago

    I love how he killed the last guy and didn’t even notice

  • Llama George
    Llama George24 days ago

    Copied from apex arena

  • mike delaney
    mike delaney24 days ago

    I killed 49

  • Ethan Rogers
    Ethan Rogers24 days ago

    Fresh says I hate the charge then a few rounds later he says that's the lodout toy want to see with a charge

  • banana
    banana24 days ago

    Isnt this just the shockwave ltm but instead of knock back, its regular damage

  • Wierdow boy
    Wierdow boy24 days ago


  • MonsterMO21
    MonsterMO2124 days ago

    When you said pickled gorilla 🦍 it made me want pickles

  • Owen Beebe
    Owen Beebe24 days ago

    Literally fortnite just copied apex

  • jacob is also bob
    jacob is also bob24 days ago

    when you realize fortnite is dead

  • TheIron Rhino
    TheIron Rhino24 days ago

    You should do this but with arena

  • Rag3skillz
    Rag3skillz24 days ago

    Fresh: Dropwave is the sweatiest mode Fresh during FNCS: Free cash

  • vivaan pro gaming
    vivaan pro gaming24 days ago

    My teaates always leave this game mode

  • Jo Lawrenson
    Jo Lawrenson24 days ago

    Idea fresh new afk squad oof

  • Nathaniel philip the first
    Nathaniel philip the first24 days ago